EA....put this in the game!

I wrote a blog on how I would improve NCAA Football a while ago – and wouldn’t ya know, some of the stuff was in there.  The starting off a dynasty as a coordinator rather than a head coach.  Really like this.  One it makes it so you can play games really quick. 

I like how the incorporated it that in the coaching carousel you have can’t just pick where you want to go either, you have to be chosen by them.  So in my dynasty I started out as the OC at Eastern Michigan, after a year I was offered the same gig at San Diego State, a year later the OC at Iowa State, then finally after a 10-3 season with Iowa State I was offered the head coaching job at Washington State, a team that went 1-11 the year before.  Not really jumping from lil fish to big fish in the pond, moving the way up the coaching ladder.

So kudos to you EA for putting this in the game, love it…how I would improve the game for NCAA 13.

Expand on the Coaching Carousel. 
-          Go deeper and add in doing a position first rather than cordinator and be able to move up
-          Add in FCS teams and be able to start as a cordinator there, and move up to HC there or position/cordinator coaches at a FBS level
-          Be able to negotiate years/goals somewhat instead of just getting a 2 year or 3 year contract given to you.
-          Make it harder to move up.  I moved up to a BCS cordinator in 3 years, maybe make it harder to earn prestige
-          Make it so recruiting is done by the HC.  If you’re a cordinator, you only go and do your side of the ball, or position wise, do your side of the position.
-          As in NFL Coach where you got attributes, have your performance earn you points toward certain statuses or attributes
-          If a school is just going to extend a coach, don’t have that in the carousel.  It will speed that process up.  Just go through the open ones.

Love the options of Conference Realignment but expand on that too.
-          Be able to remove a league completely, not just having to have minimum of 4 teams in a league. 
-          Be able to rename the conference, not just the divisions
-          When choosing a champioship game location, say if I choose Las Vegas (UNLV’s home field) incorporate the league logo at midfield and put the team names in the endzones
-          Be able to reapply/redo all bowl bids.  We have the option of giving the league champs a BCS bowl spot, but expand so we can assign all bowl bids or make them at larges
-          Encorporate a Playoff option and have the team slotting customizable as to size and conf champions/rankings.  EA Had this in the game in the 90s and then it was gone.

A few other things and maybe a few that have been mentioned
-          Downloaded pack of custom uniforms – which I’m sure is there.
-          More custom coach.  Give us a few more options that are similar to Madden
-          Have our coach be able to be exported to Madden.  Maybe to have a career similar to Jim Harabaugh
-          Add in all the FCS Schools so we aren’t playing FCS Southwest or FCS Midwest, gives us Northern Iowa and Youngstown State
-          Have the band at the beginning, if its not already custom for some, code in that the spell out the school name or nickname or something
-          If the school is obtaining success that your coaching, and has poor facilities when you get there, obviously upgrading the stadium isn’t prob happening, but maybe behind the scenes something coded that facilities after winning do upgrade. 
-          Speed up recruiting, it is cool to go in depth as it does now, but speed it up too
-          Custom plays added to playbook…please bring this back

Above all else improving game play and graphics, EA put this in the game!

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