Best and Worst of the Weekend - Put a full dad weekend on the resume`

So that was a blurr and busy weekend.  I’ll start Thursday.  I got off work early because both the older kids had parent teacher conferences.  Missed Addy’s but got to Bray’s.  Addy had a good conference and she is where she needs to be.  We’ve been working on reading and recognizing words.  She’s getting there.

Bray is almost ready to graduate and has more than a year and a half left.  He’ll probably have enough points by semester so I hope he doesn’t get too bored next spring.  He’s testing also as extremely gifted.  Smart kid.
After swim on Thursday night, since Addy didn’t have school, she got shipped off to grandmas till Saturday.  Friday night we got La Hacienda and a couple movies.  Bray picked out Rio, loves that movie and all the music.  At Redbox he did ask when Cars 3 comes out.  I rented The Conspirator.  Really good flick!
Saturday morning came and Bray had football in the am.  Got him there at 830 for pictures and then he didn’t want to participate.  I tried to nudge him a bit to play but he just didn’t want anything to do with it and I wasn’t going to push him. 
Grandma brought Addy down and was going to watch practice but then just headed to the house.  The next 4 hours was spent getting ready for Brayden’s 4thbirthday party at the Y.  We had the rock climbing wall and pool for a couple hours and I was the only adult that got in the pool.  It was a free for all on me.  I had 4 4-5 year olds wrassling me.  My oldest daughter was too and then my older nephew was trying to go Dan Gable on me.  After an hour the kids were spent, and so was I.
Then we got to the cupcakes.  The kids I think had more fun with the frosting all over their lips and faces then eating them.  Bray then wanted to open presents.  Got some really cool things.  Grandma got him a leapster (that he’s been bugging me about) and some hot wheels stuff and a wii game and some other things.  We got him a bike and he was really excited about that.  Was a good day.  Played with them all night on Saturday night.
Also Saturday night I finally got to sit down and watch the Hawks.  Overall they played well I thought.  Liked the way Coker was running north and south and getting to the second and third levels.  Vandenburg had some nice tosses to Davis and McNutt.  Need to get them really involved in the next few weeks before we play the Michigan schools and Nebraska.  I like Persa and Ebert for the ‘Cats and Fitzgerald, if he could get some more talent in there would be really really dangerous…even still they are dangerous.
Sunday came and Bray got german pancakes for breakfast and a visit from grandpa and grandpa’s truck.  We went out and raked and loaded leaves and branches for 3 hours to take to a buddy’s house to drop so he can burn them.  Got a really big load and when the leaves were stacking up I put the kids in the bed and they had a blast scrunching down all the leaves.  Went and dropped them off then headed for home.  About half way home when we were talking about going to McDonalds with grandpa, Brayden puked.  Something didn’t sit well with him, either too much sugar, not enough sleep and all of the above just got him.  Got him home and cleaned up and he was looking like he had absolutely no energy.  He crashed for about a 4 hour nap.  While he napped, Addy even napped.  She was worn out from the weekend too.  I then feed Ryleigh…and got spit up on, and before that pooped on. 
After that we crashed in the recliner together, she’s a pretty good “warming cat” as my dad puts it.  I got about a 30 min nap in too before Addy woke up and time to get more stuff done.  Dishes, and supper out and going (steaks were phenomenal) All done in time to do some laundry while watching the Bears. 
The Bears made huge strides since Monday.  The pass protection was better and Hester, what can you say but “DON’T KICK IT TO HESTER” if you’re an opponent.  Was a good night! 
Was a really good weekend, but a rough start as Ryleigh is home sick today.
Next weekend is Iowa-Indiana, Bears-Bucs from London and more leaves await; plus Phineas & Ferb for Bray (another birthday present).  Wouldn’t change this though.

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