The Dark Knight Rises

So I’m trying to think how I’d rate “The Dark Knight Rises 

A few things I liked.  The fight scenes with Batman and Bane were intense all the way through.  Bale as Batman was great as expected.  He’s the best actor to put on the mask.  Bane was done really well.  Nolan not only made him someone with great strength, but also with substance.  I liked the way that Anne Hathaway portrayed Catwoman.  I don’t think she was pushed into story lines to much, and added something to the story.  Gordon-Levitt did a great job in his role to as a cop/detective.  The regulars Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman were great as usual.  The Batmobile was destroyed in 2 and well there was no new tumbler but the bike was still there.

A few things I didn’t like.  Matthew Modine’s character felt forced and not really well introduced.  The mayor didn’t have a huge role in the film unlike he did in the previous 2.  The Bat (aka plane) was pushed in there I think for the Batman geeks. 

Now with that being said I’m giving it 8/10 (same as Batman Begins).  There was no way it was going to be better than The Dark Knight in my opinion.  Heath Ledger’s Joker and the interactions with Bale have that as one of my favorite movies of all time.  I want to see stories with this Batman and the Riddler.  The ending left me with wanting more from this story; I didn’t feel this was a conclusion.   I felt he’d be a great villain in the world that Nolan built.  I do hope this makes enough money to maybe “coax” the main players back. 

So that’s my thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises, really good movie.  Enjoy it, this is the Batman series that we all wanted to see. 

8/10 Stars


  1. Matthew Modine is such a wuss. I feel like any part he plays he is just this wussy guy, kinda whiny.
    I loved the movie and kind of want to watch it again when it comes out on DVD. I am still irritated by Bale's need to have that weird Batman Voice so I am actually a little glad there wasn't that much of him talking as Batman. Is that odd?
    Should the next movie/series be Batman or Robin?

  2. I know he's lost his voice before from the Batman voice, but it was probably needed to conceal his identity. I didn't mind it to bad. I think Bane's voice kind of overshadowed it for me in this movie.

    I'd like to see WB throw a ton of money at Nolan for one more. I don't want a reboot for a while. I really would love to see the Riddler with both Batman and a young Robin.