The Amazing Spiderman

This afternoon I went and checked out The Amazing Spiderman.  The reboot of the series after the Sami Rami/Tobey Maguire 3.  Now the comics have a couple "history" lines of the way superheroes came about and there is the Amazing Spiderman, Spiderman, the Sensational Spiderman.  All with little twists and turns of the way the web crawler came to be and who he is today.  

This is where this movie goes right.  Its not a Superman Returns type movie that is basically Superman 1 all over again.  It's a new take on Spidey.  

The first thing I liked is that in this movie where they are trying to build the background of Spidey is they didn't pit him vs his main arch nemesis such as the first one with Tobey did with the Green Goblin.  This gives us time to learn about Peter and Spidey, and along with him how he is going to grow with Gwen Stacey and Aunt Bea.  It's kind of reminiscent of the Nolan Batman series where the Joker is teased in Batman Begins at the end and then is the main villain in The Dark Knight. 

So introduce the Lizard as the bad guy.  He wasn't in the previous series as the villain.  He tests Spidey and his new found abilities and also gives us a tragedy.  

With out giving the film away at all that's all I'll go in on the plot.  The actors I though were great.  Andrew Garfield was a great Peter Parker and Emma Stone was almost the opposite of Kirsten Dunst.  Sally Field and Martin Sheen and Dennis Leary were cast great too, and the Lizard was creepy as Doc Connors.

Overall this is one of the best Spidey flicks made, if not the best its up there with Spiderman 2, and I'm excited where the direction is going.  

7/10 Stars

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