Ice Down your Friday 6 Pack

1-PSU was handed its penalties from the NCAA and the Big Ten Monday.  No Bowl for 4 years, a 60 million dollar fine, reduction of 40 scholarships and any athlete can transfer and not be penalized.  Joe Pa also lost wins from 1998-2011 making him only the 5th winningest coach now.  Is this enough or should the death penalty been given?
Matt – First off no punishment will ever be enough for the victims.  I never thought the Death Penalty should be levied on the Nittany Lions but this penalty is a critical shot to their program.  It will affect their depth and structure for football for a time to come.  The hit to JoePa was significant too.  His legacy is forever tarnished.
Wendt – The penalty that was handed down was plenty, I was happy with the punishment
PainterIt's hard for me to say the death penalty should have been given or not.  Yes a statement needed to be sent but the people currently involved shouldn't be punished.  I'm somewhat OK with what the NCAA handed down and am waiting to see what, if anything, the B1G does.  That may be the crippling blow
BlakeI think this is as close to the death penalty as we'll ever see again.  With interwoven TV contracts, streaming games online, and games planned years in advance, I'm not sure how you shut down a program or give it a TV ban.  I think the penalties given were perfect
MajorsThis is a tough situation. I think the penalties were pretty severe, sounds like their other option was a 4 year death penalty. It is hard to say what is fair and not. I am glad those responsible are gone, it seems like a long road ahead for them. Another example of why you should just tell the truth

2-Team USA beat Spain yesterday, the team who is supposed to be its closest competitor, fairly easy.  Kobe spouted off that this Team USA could beat the Dream Team.  In a matchup that can only take place with the help of EA Sports, who would win?
Matt – The Dream Team would cruise by this team.  Sorry Kobe, Lebron and Durant but no way it’s within 20.
Wendt – In a one game matchup, I still like the 1992 team but in a best of seven series? That could be a good run
PainterI don't see how any team could beat MJ, Magic, and Bird at the level they were playing back then.  I have no problem with Kobe thinking this year's team would win, that's exactly what he should think
BlakePippen guards LeBron.  Jordan guards Kobe, Malone and Barkley out muscle Durant and 'Melo.  Anyone in the paint gets sucked up by Robinson and Ewing.  Oh, and that doesn't even consider the starters of Bird and Magic (liabilities on D but can still bring their offense).  I don't think it's even that close and the 92'ers win easily
MajorsThe Dream Team. There is no other team, but the Dream Team. It would be fun, don't get me wrong, but the Dream Team in 92 is the GOAT. The PGs pf today might give them trouble, Deron & CP3 are tough, but as a whole, it would be Michael & the boys taking it. 

3-Ichiro is a Yankee and Hanley Rameriz is a Dodger.  Do these moves, in your mind, put both the Yankees and Dodgers in the leader spot to getting to the World Series from the AL and NL respectively?
Matt – It definitely doesn’t hurt.  I think the Yankees are the clear cut favorite in the AL.  It will come down to them and the Rangers.  The Dodgers have more work to do with the Giants there and then the rest of the NL will be a fight.
Wendt – The Dodgers and Yankees still need starting pitching and now with A-Rod out for the Yankees and Matt Kemp's health in question I'm still not sure they are the teams to beat
PainterNo, never know how it will affect the teams and the players
BlakeIchiro helps.  Now we'll have to see how the Yankees do with A-Rod on the DL, but the Yankees seem to be the head of the class in the AL.  The Dodgers could still be challenged by the Giants if Lincicum returns to form, but the fact that the Dodgers have been as injured as they have and still won should scare some teams
MajorsToo much can still happen. Ichiro is a role player now, so his impact will not be as big as it would have been 5-6 years ago. I think Texas is still tough, especially if they get Josh Johnson, and Detroit could be a factor

4-Ernie Els snatched the Claret Jug away from Adam Scott this past weekend.  The past few years we’ve seen the leader struggle down the end in the British Open, Jean Van de Velde and Tom Watson to name a few.  Do you blame the pressure of the Open Championship, the courses or something else?  Also final thoughts on the 2012 Open?
Matt – I think it’s a combination of both.  The pressure of The Open or Masters is a lot different than that of the John Deere Classic.  It’s why they are called majors.  Also the courses and the weather play a ton of havoc.  Augusta is pretty basic, you know the holes yearly and where to hit and the weather is usually nice.  These old courses are from pastures and 100s of years old and the weather is always a factor.  Scott will win a major someday too.
Wendt – Adam Scott put himself in position to at least go to a playoff, he choked. End of story 
PainterWhile there is some pressure involved but these guys are professionals and should handle it with no problem.   The Open presents the challenges of the weather conditions and the links setup is completely different from what most of these guys play on most of the year.  It was fun to watch Ernie make his charge and watch Adam fall (I've been an Els fan for a long time).  I'm glad the weather finally turned to "normal" Open conditions for Sunday
BlakeI think the British, unlike other tournaments has so many equalizers.  The roughs and the weather can swing rounds or even back nines like no other tournament.  Start making some mistakes and negative momentum in golf is a real bitch
MajorsThe pressure in that tournament is unreal. The bunkers get in your head, no doubt. I enjoyed the tournament this year. I like Adam Scott, tough way to lose, but Ernie is a great guy, and FIGJAM didn't win, which is always a great day in my book

5-After the events that took place in Aurora with the movie theater massacre, what are your thoughts on gun control and gun laws?  The shooter had apparently from one report enough ammo for a small army.  Should there be more lax or strict laws on semi automatic guns?
Matt – First off you can’t control crazy and this dude was obviously off his rocker.  Though I asked this question, I don’t know the correct answer, there’s the right to bare arms which I agree in but criminals don’t care about the laws.  It’s just a sad incident that happened.  I was glad to see that Christian Bale went to the hospital in Denver/Aurora to visit the victims on his on time. 
Wendt – I still don't know where I sit on this issue. Part of me has no problem with our rights to bare arms and the other half wonders if we had tougher laws to get guns if this stuff would stop happening. 
PainterThe issue isn't gun control/gun laws, it's about this country's inability to help people who may have a mental illness, and that's where a lot of focus should be placed.  We need to be able to provide people with the help they need to beat the disease
BlakeHe didn't have a permit.  You mean criminals don't follow laws?  Shocking
MajorsOf course the media will spin it and say he could have started a small army. He very well could have, but take the news with a grain or so of salt. I have no problem with legal ownership of guns. I have a couple, and I am responsible about them. The issue is the illegal ones. If we could get the drug dealers & thugs to go away, we would all be better off. That's a big "if" though

6-Hey, it’s HOT out.  Best way to beat the heat?
Matt – Kiddie pool, ice, water and 12 pack of beer.
Wendt – Air Conditioning
Painter – Playing in the snow at Mickey's Irish Pub patio on a Wednesday morning!
Blake – Duh, go naked
MajorsGo to the beach. I do it nearly every day. Cold beer, bikinis, and surf, what could be better?

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