Friday 6 Pack

1-The All-Star Game is this week in Kansas City, and still according to Bud Selig “Now it Matters.”  Do you like the ASG being the determining factor of home field advantage in the World Series?
Matt – No, I hate it.  It’s an exhibition game.  It’s for the fans.  Home field advantage should go to the team with the best record.  Bud should have made it so that there is something more the players want for the all-star game winner than home field advantage.  Make it something they want to play for. 
Wendt – There seems to be so many replacements that it doesn't feel like the best players will all be there, so no I don't like it
Painter – It's an exhibition game and should be treated like one by the league and the fans.  If it ends in a tie then so be it.  Nothing should be determined by an all-star game. 
Blake – I go back and forth on this.  My current feelings are the game is supposed to be fun.  It's for the fans.  And the 2nd and 3rd tier players are the ones in at the end of the game.  Let's just make it for fun again and take away home field advantage. 
Majors – I enjoy the ASG, but not sure about the deciding factor. If it is, then the players should play the whole game, or at least more of it. I enjoy the exhibition of it, not the deciding outcome of it

2-If the season ended today, the NL would have 5 teams in the playoffs who weren’t in the playoffs last year. (Nats-East / Pirates-Cent / Dodgers-West / Braves & Reds-WC)  Of the 5 which one will have the most difficulty making the post season come October?
Matt – All of them could be out come October.  I think the Pirates are learning from last season and will make it to the post season.  I’m going to say the young Nationals.  They’ve not experienced this before and the pressure will grow.  Obama would love it though to have a White Sox-Nationals World Series.
Wendt – I just can't see the Pirates keeping things together this season, I'll go ahead and predict they'll end up in 3rd when the dust settles in the Central
Painter – Will - Dodgers.  Doesn't - Braves. 
Blake – Pirates just because we saw this last year, and nobody is getting a Wild Card from the Central in my opinion.
Majors – I think the Pirates, because the Reds & Cardinals both are in that division, even Milwaukee. Not too many worries coming regarding the Cubs, though, haha!

3-Since we last met you, there needs to be a power point presentation on what NBA players are going where.  Kidd to the Knicks, Nash to the Lakers, Lin to Houston maybe?  And then there is the Dwightmare going on.  The latest one has Ray Allen taking his talents to the Heat to make a Big 4.  What team in the crazy off season has improved the most?
Matt – I want to say the Lakers.  Who was their PG last year?  Fisher ended up in OKC.  This I think helps Kobe out and if they can get Dwight they are a force to be reckoned with.
Wendt – I like Nash to the Lakers but the biggest fish in the market is still Dwight Howard
Painter – Ok, of the teams making moves I'll go with the Lakers because of Nash
Blake – As long as Dwight to the Nets is truly dead, I think the Lakers and the Heat both improved greatly.  Did you see what happened to the Heat when their role players stepped up.  They now have role players.  And Nash will only reenergize Kobe.  That offense will be insane. 
Majors – Not trying to sound like a Laker fan here, but with Nash they really have improved. He can score, dish, and is smart and never gives up. I think he will really help Bynum & Gasol, and especially Kobe. That being said, I do not expect Gasol and/or Bynum to be there next year. Too much drama, money, etc. We shall see, though

4-News this morning that Phil Mickelson and partners will put a bid in to buy the San Diego Padres.  Other than your favorite teams, what sports franchise would you put a bid in to buy if you had the money?
Matt – Gonna sound crazy, but the Minnesota Wild.  They love their hockey up there in the twin cities and the Xcel Energy Center is a great arena. 
Wendt – I think it might be fun to own a minor league team to be honest with ya, maybe the Iowa Cubs? I'm not sure I'd want the headache of a professional franchise
Painter – New Orleans Hornets.  Fun town and I'm sure you can get them on the cheap
Blake – Dolphins.  No reason such a historic franchise in that City should be so crappy. 
Majors – Can I say the broncos or chiefs, so that I can burn the stadiums to the ground? No? Ok, ummm... the Cubbies. Why? Because they are the friggin Cubbies. Someone needs to get them going & win a Ring!!! Plus it would be REALLY cool to go to work everyday at a MLB ballpark, and Wrigley would rock!!! A close second would be the Bears

5-Big Brother starts this week on CBS, would this be a reality show you would try out for?  Would you like cameras on you 24-7 for up to 3 months?
Matt – In college I wanted to apply for this one, but now a days I don’t think I could do it.  I think after a few weeks I’d go nuts in there, especially without TV or internet.
Wendt – I am ashamed to admit that I watched it a ton last season (including the web streams and the like) I think it might be fun to try out for but having a camera on you 24/7? Yeah, not a fan.
Painter – I have no desire to be on one of these game shows (it's not reality television
Blake – No way.  I don't have a mouth filter long enough for 24-7 cameras. 
Majors – Nah. Ends up ruining too many people, just not interested. I would do Survivor, though!

6-The Amazing Spiderman opened last week to the tune of around 160 million +, excited about the reboot or would you have rather seen a 4th installment from Sam Rami and Tobey Maguire?
Matt – After the debacle of Spiderman 3 I was skeptical on the direction Rami was going.  Spiderman 2 is one of my favorite super hero movies ever.  This was a good reboot and gives a different look at Spidey.  I think this takes a bit of the Dark Knight – Nolan series too with establish your hero but don’t waste the main villain on the first movie.  I think we’ll see the Goblin in the next movie but maybe it would be cool to build up to that in the final one?  I just don’t want to see reboots every 10 years.  Make a good series of movies, maybe 3-4-5 of this group, then let it sit for a bit.  I don’t think that will ever happen because of the money the movies make. 
Wendt – I'm trying to get in on the superhero franchise stuff I really am but........well I just can't, not sure why
Painter – Not real excited about either option actually.  Sony had to do something to keep up with Disney having the other Avengers
Blake – Ugh, I'm so over super hero movies. 
Majors – I liked Tobey, but the reboot is kinda cool. It will be neat to see where they go

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