Best and Worst of a While

So I haven’t written a Best and Worst for a bit, so this Best and Worst will encompass a few weeks or so.
The season’s starting to change and early fall has now turned into late fall.  This year Brayden had football and all 3 kids have been involved in swim.  Add in Cheernastics for Addyson and girl scouts and it has been a VERY HECTIC schedule.  Add in my favorite past time of the season, Hawkeye football, Bears football and well football in general! :)  But in all that found time to take the kids to a apple orchard that had a hay rack ride, and a corn and soybean pit.  The kids loved playing there and it was a nice day out that weekend and got the kids nice and tuckered out. 
Between then and Halloween, had Brayden’s 4th birthday party.  Can’t believe my little boy is 4.  We had it at the Y and got to use the pool.  He invited some friends from preschool and cousins and all of them used me as a jungle gym in the pool and after an hour of that, they were ready for cupcakes and I was ready for a hot tub. 
Bray got a lot of neat toys and a big boy bike for his birthday.  We’ve had a pretty good time with the toys and some weekend I need to go in and “clean out” old toys especially with Santa coming in 33 days too.
Next up was Halloween, and well Halloween isn’t Halloween without pumpkins.  So we made a venture out to Howell’s pumpkin patch and picked up some pumpkins for all 3 kids.  Ryleigh got a lil one!  We had a good time cleaning them out, ok the kids did, I prefer not to dig in them that much.  Both Bray and Addy liked the goop inside them, and made some good designs.  We went to the Blank Park Zoo for night eyes and the kids got a small load of candy there.  Then on Beggers night in Des Moines, we went around our neighborhood, about 30 houses and they reigned in more loot.  Addy dressed as Super Girl, in pink and sparkles of course.  Brayden was a Hawkeye football player, and Ryleigh went as an 8 month old!  She nailed it.
This past weekend I went to Iowa City and saw my first home Iowa game in 2 years with the Hawks taking on Michigan.  I so miss going to games there!  I really miss my season tickets.  I don’t miss waking up at 530 to get over there or the drive home and sitting in traffic an hour before getting on I-80.  That being said had a good time tailgating with McGuires and then catching up with Mike at the bus he came on and then sitting with him and Graff.  The game was amazing too.  The Hawks came out determined and disciplined.  The DLine played the best game of the year.  Coker was a beast too.  And the red, white and blue tiger hawks looked awesome on the helmets too. 
Addy has a winter concert with her cheernastics coming up and I was able to see some of her routine at practice last night.  Was cool seeing her so excited and running around.  She’s also learing about the moon at school.  She’s been talking about space and the moon a bunch lately and Friday night I got her a new Solar System book. 
Ryleigh has 2 teeth, and is climbing and pulling herself up everywhere.  She’ll be standing and walking by 2012…and that’s just 9-10 mos old.  The other kids didn’t do this!  I think she’s trying to keep up. 
Other than that, things have just been busy and hectic. 
Had some times since Brayden’s birthday where he’s had some trouble relaying what he wants to us and has had a temper and acting out with screaming.  For some reason I think he’s just frustrated and needs to get that energy out.  With winter coming and indoor months ahead, I need to figure out a way to get that energy burnt. And not just him on his leapster.  The kid is smart, really smart, like testing extremely gifted smart.  I don’t know if he is bored or not but gotta burn the energy. 
Addy has a lot of sass lately too.  She’s 6 going on 16.  Why can’t they all just stay young.  She got a new scarf this past weekend shopping with her mother, and she’s wearing it and I’m looking at her and thinking, when did I get a teenager?  Then she smiles and I see her 2 front teeth missing and reminded I have a 6 year old. 

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