Big Ten Week 11 Predictions

Big Ten
Game of the Week
Spartans vs Hawkeyes
This week’s game is huge in the makeup of the Legends Division, and if Sparty wins, they are way out front for the golden ticket to Indy and the inaugural Big Ten title.  If Iowa wins, the Hawks have the inside track with road games to end the season at Purdue and Nebraska.  The Spartans haven’t won in Kinnick Stadium since 1989 and in the series the home team is usually the one who comes out on top with Iowa being the only one since 89 to win on the road.  The Hawks won in East Lansing in 1995 and 2009.  In the past 22 years those are the only 2 road wins in the series. 
The way these teams play into each other’s strength.  They almost mirror each other in what they want to do as they are 2 of the only teams in the conference who don’t run a spread and look more at a pro style offense.  The Hawks D will have to play inspired again but the loss of DE Dominic Alvis will hurt.  The Hawks contained Denard Robinson and the Michigan running attack and will need to do the same as Sparty likes to run the ball to set up the pass with Kirk Cousins.  The Spartans have one of the best defenses in the conference and Marcus Coker is going to have to go 100+ again to keep Iowa in game.
I think you see the Hawks come out flat a little bit at the beginning and Michigan State goes up 10-0 but Iowa and Marvin McNutt and Marcus Coker fight back and the home team continues the trend in the series.  Hawkeyes 31-Spartans 23

Big Ten Week 10 Picks
Rice vs Northwestern – NW (M/C/K)
Michigan vs Illinois – ILL (M) / Mich (C/K)
Michigan State vs Iowa – Iowa (M/C) / MSU (K)
Nebraska vs Penn State – NEB (M/K) / PSU (C)
Ohio State vs Purdue – OSU (M/C/K)
Wisconsin vs Minnesota – WIS (M/C/K)

Big Ten Jimmy John’s Standings
Matt (58-20)          Chad (59-19)          Kyle (55-23)

Upset Alert
**Illinois is coming off a bye where it fought Penn State to within a missed fg of overtime.  Michigan is coming off a heart breaking loss at Iowa and now must go to Champaign.  This is a game I can see Illinois getting back on track and upsetting Big Blue.

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