Wednesday night after swim lessons, and while I was doing laundry I decided to rent the Green Lantern, DCs superhero flick from this past summer.  I’ve heard good and bad things about it so was curious.  And Green Lantern is one of the cooler heroes out there in my opinion.  Going into this you have to know that its not going to be like the movies that are out recently with the Dark Knight, Iron Man and the Spiderman movies where its done in the more “NOW” happening.  This is fantasy and done in that world.  Next off with Ryan Reynolds you expect more comedy, though he did a good Deadpool…hopefully he’ll get a spinoff there.  But he was actually pretty good as a guy who was given powers and starting to learn how and why to use them.  Somewhat similar to that of how Peter Parker adjusts to his powers.  I’m not a big DC guy so the villains and the Lantern’s world were all new to me and I need to look them up but over all I thought it was a fun movie.  Great movie, no, but it was really fun.  It’s definitely worth a rent if you like superhero movies, and Blake Lively in it doesn’t suck either!  Really like to see where it goes with a sequel.

Rating – 3.5 Stars / 5

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