Fast Five

Last night I watched a movie that I had listed as the movie from the summer that I wanted to see, Fast Five.  The 5th installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise.  Now going into this I guess I didn’t know they ‘adjusted’ the time line of events in the movie franchise where Tokyo Drift actually came after 2 Fast 2 Furious but was made 3 years prior? 
As for Fast Five, it reunites O’Connell with Toretto, Mia and Vince from the first movie (and The Fast and Furious) and also Roman and Trej From 2 Fast 2 Furious and apparently a few characters from Tokyo Drift too.  Then add in the Rock, who looks like he is bigger than he was in his WWE days, and a female she cop.  It almost goes down the line of 3 factions, the Vin/Walker’s racers.  The Rio drug lord and his thugs.  Then also the US Govt task force lead by the Rock.  From the get go its all fast and furious with cars and hijacks and thefts. 
It’s all action packed.  It really was a fun movie, and I think its up there with as good as the first one.  What I like more about this one than the others, the impact on the cars is now toned down and the action replaces it.  Also the cars we see are more good ole American Muscle, there’s a late 60s/early 70s Dodge Charger.  The Rock and Vin have a really good battle in the movie.  The story and ending may be farfetched, but it’s a movie right?  We are supposed to be somewhat taken away from reality.  The end also brings back Eva Mendes, from the 2nd movie and Michelle Rodriguez (1st and 4th movies) to set up Fast 6!  Rumor is there is a Fast 7 too.  This is becoming more of an action packed franchise than racing. 
Overall this is just a fun, action packed, popcorn movie.  Is it going to win an Oscar, no….but I’d watch this again.  It also ties in all the previous 4 movies into a nice story arc.  A lot better than other sequels/prequels have done (looking at you George Lucas – Star Wars prequels).
Rating 3.5 Stars/5

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