Kids DO the darndest things

So I’ve written about things my kids have done and said in the past and those were really funny moments!  (Here, here and here)This may be the topper of them all.
My daughter is learning about the moon and space and tides now in 1st grade.  She has homework weekly of writing sentences about what she has learned, to help with her writing, spelling and retention of what she’s learned. 

Well with this week’s assignment about Tides, she had to write 3 things about what she’s learned, she said the can be big and small, so they can be in many sizes.  What is below is what she wrote.

Like I say, kids DO the darndest things, gotta love them.

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  1. Put that in a frame and hang it in her bedroom so when she is 15 and not loving her body, you can point and tell her she had much wisdom way back when... :)