2012 Summer Movies

Well it’s close to that time…the Summer Blockbuster Movie Watch list.  Last year it started before May with Fast and Furious opening in April and it got started this past weekend, In my opinion with American Reunion.

With that here are the Summer Movies that are on my radar:

American Reunion
The Avengers
Men In Black 3
GI Joe Retaliation
The Amazing Spiderman
The Dark Knight Rises
The Bourne Legacy
Total Recall
The Expendables 2

A lot of super hero flare again as has become par for the summer with the blockbuster popcorn flicks. 

And as always I will have my 4th Annual Summer Movie Awards in late August.

I’m sure there may be a Ice Age: Continental Drift or Brave thrown into that listing too because of kids but that’s it, that’s the list for Summer 2012. 


  1. Other than American Pie, all the posters have a similar theme, don't you think?
    I am excited to see all of these movies as well! However I am sure most of them will be via Apple TV since we rarely make it to the movies anymore.

    1. Yes, that’s usually the theme with the summer movies I hit. I won’t get to all of these, and if I do it will be matinee or cheap night too. Though some cartoon movies have broken in to the fold too and last year Bridesmaids did too that weren’t on my initial radar. I even gave Melissa McCarthy a summer movie award last year too.

  2. Going to add the 5 Year Engagement to this list.

  3. G.I. Joe Retaliation has a new release date; 29 March 2013.

  4. Matt - Battleship is the only movie on your list that i have not seen in the theater. The Dark Knight Rises & The Avengers are the only movies that i did not screen early.