Wide Right Hall of Fame – Inaugural Class

So I thought about doing this for a while, and did it back like a long time ago when no one ever looked at a website hardly or blog.  Figured I’d revive it here, the Wide Right Hall of Fame.  Something I’d probably do every quarter or 3 times a year.  Some of the options I may create a poll as to who/what gets to get more interaction and stuff of the blog.  I’ll probably also stick to a Place, Movie, Song, Person, and an “other”  or 2 that gets in every class.  There’s no plaque or bust or even certificate, just the honor of being in the WIDE RIGHT HALL OF FAME on the internet.  Hope y’all like the idea.

So with that, here is the prestigious and infamous inaugural class.
Wrigley Field -- Shawshank Redemption -- Harry Carey -- Born In The USA -- The General Lee -- Grainbelt

Wrigley Field - One of my 2 favorite places in the world.  I’ve only been there 4 times and have great memories of all the trips (though not all wins)  heck, I got my daughter’s name from the street it sits on (Addison) and when the ivy is in bloom you can’t go wrong with a day game there.

Shawshank Redemption  - Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying….the movie may be 3 hours or so but it hooks me every time I flip past it no matter where it is in the movie. 

Harry Carey – Getting the nod since it is close to the baseball season’s first pitch.  He (and WGN) are the reason I’m a cubs fan.  I remember running home after school during day games so I could see the 7th inning stretch.  Got to sing it there in Wrigley with Harry twice.  “You know Steve, Alou spelled backwards is Uola….sounds like a first name”

Born in the USA – Harder to pick the song than I thought.  Went with the one that I first remembered singing the words too.  Even dressed up as the Boss to sing it when I was a kid.

The General Lee – My Dream Car!  A ’69 Dodge Charger.  Damn I loved seeing that thing jump a bridge or creek.  The Dukes is probably my all time favorite tv show.  Watched them a lot with my grandma too every Friday night.  My dream is to own one of these too someday.

Grainbelt – It’s the friendly beer!  Introduced to it by my cousin Ryan during Iowa tailgating in 2002 (BIG TEN CHAMPS!) it’s been my beer of choice since then.  My favorite local establishments in Des Moines carry it too and just got a sweet Grainbelt lid from my buddy Scott. 

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  1. I've tried Grainbelt now because of you! ;)