Friday 6 Pack

1-Ozzie Guillen opened his mouth, and well stuff came out of it about respecting Fidel Castro thus having the Marlins punish and suspend him for 5 games.  Was the punishment harsh enough?  Should the Marlins have fired him?
Matt – Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but what we’ve learned in the past is that in this day of media is you can’t say anything that sheds positiveness on a dictator or compare someone to a dictator (Hank Williams Jr).  He also needs to know his environment of when and where he is saying what.  Should he have been fired…no, I don’t think so.  More than 5 games maybe so.  But also where was the protest for him returning?  It’s already in the back burner
Wendt – Miami knew what they were getting with Ozzie when they hired him, if they think he'll change they are fools
PainterOzzie is a citizen of the US and should have been protected by the First Amendment.  Unfortunately there is no such thing as freedom of speech anymore.   Any one of us ca get disciplined by our employer for anything we may say that is recorded or written down in any form.  I honestly think the punishment was not warranted but Miami had to do it to save face somewhat
BlakeOf course that was enough.  I'm not sure when this country returned to McCarthyism.  Even if he was serious about a political opinion, how the hell does that effect his ability to manage?  Good thing I don't have a blog anymore, I would have gone off on this topic a couple times
Majors – That is a tough question. Ozzie has a way of saying exactly what is on his mind, yet it was still pretty harsh of a statement. I think the Marlins went all in on him, so they are stuck with him in a sense. The suspension was enough, but I am sure he is on a tight leash now
BSoxPart of me really doesn’t think he should have been suspended, and here are the two reasons why. You can make the argument of free speech in this country, and while he is stupid for saying such things, he does have the right. But I think we all know that freedom of speech and the work force don’t exactly go hand in hand. Second, I don’t really think he was sorry. I think it was a matter of the marlins were pissed, and were going to lose money, so you’re going to apologize whether you want to or not!

2-The Stanley Cup Playoffs have their first round underway.  The New York Rangers and Vancouver Canucks are the top seeds in their respective conferences.  Who’s your pick for the NHL Finals and to hoist the Stanley Cup?
Matt – Well Vancouver may right again this year not making it out of the first round.  Do the top seeds ever make it to match up in the NHL, it seems more upsets happen in hockey.  I’m going to go with Nashville over Boston in the finals.  Why…I have no clue. 
Wendt – I don't watch the NHL
PainterIf I can keep myself from watching NY Rangers games they should represent the East and I'm thinking the Blues or Predators will come out of the West. I really want NY to win it all
BlakeUm...is that Bombay fella still coaching the Sharks?  He seems pretty good
Majors – Well, since my Avalanche are out, I am not sure anymore. Let's go Rangers & Blackhawks, with the Blackhawks winning it. Hopefully Hossa is ok, or I am in trouble
BSoxThe rangers….i guess? I don’t follow hockey all that much.

3-Pat Summit retired this week after 38 years…is she a TOP 5 coach of all time across all sports?  Who’s your top 5 all time?
Matt – She is by far the top women’s coach ever, sorry Geno but without Pat there’s no Geno.  It’s kind of hard though to get into that Mt Rushmore+1 of coaching.  Wooden, Lombardi, Bryant, Gable is prob my Mt Rushmore with Knight in the on deck circle. 
Wendt – An absolute legend and no question a top living coach currently
PainterNot top 5 but maybe top 10:  Dan Gable, Vince Lombardi, Dean Smith, Pat Riley, Phil Jackson (not necessarily in that order)
BlakeHa, just put this out on Twitter.  Again, Wooden, Lombardi, Auerbach, Bear Bryant, Coach K.  My 4th thru 12 coaches are practically interchangeable.  I had Summitt 8th
Majors – I think she is. She revolutionized and made women's BBall relevant. Let's see, top 5? Red Auerbach - Coach K – Dean Smith – Larry Brown – Pat Summitt
BSoxI think she should be up there. I’m writing quick tonight, but dan gable should be up there, coach k, and of course my dad, he was a great soccer coach even though he yelled at me a lot!

4-ESPN is taking 3 hours to release the NFL Schedule this week.  Overkill, are we getting to much NFL where they are spending 3 hours on the schedule release?  And any games make you salivate already for football to kick off?
Matt – Football is KING.  It prob got better ratings then some baseball games.  Really no game got me salivating, the start of the season just does that in general.  I think the Peyton Manning/Broncos bit is over rated, I don’t think they make the playoffs.  Don’t like all the Thursday night games either.   I looked first at the Bears schedule and if healthy I think they can come out of the gate 7-2.
Wendt – I was interested to see the Bears schedule but thankfully I've got baseball/basketball to tide me over till football season
PainterESPN is bored right now and the NFL is the #1 spectator sport in the US so of course they'll go overboard with the coverage
BlakeCan we get through the NBA playoffs before we start thinking Football?  Too much of a good thing...
Majors – Yeah, a little on the TMI side. I am looking forward to the Pittsburgh @ Oakland game, since I will be going to that one, as well as the Oakland @ Atalnta game, be there too. There are actually a lot of good games, but not sure about the Bears being on MNF 3 times
BSoxIts too far off to get really excited, and I can see what they are doing with it. To us it seems like a lot, but you know what, you can always change the channel lol

5-The Stanley Cup has been mentioned as one of the greatest trophies in all of sports; 2 weeks ago the Green Jacket was awarded to Bubba Watson.  What is your favorite trophy in all of sports?
Matt – I’m going straight to college football and the rivalry trophies.  They have the most character.  My favorite is of course Floyd of Rosedale!  Love that PIG!  He’s coming home this fall.  I also like Paul Bunyan’s Ax, the Old Oaken Bucket and the Little Brown Jug.  Big Ten Baby!
Wendt – Any trophy that the Hawkeyes, Bears, Lakers or Cubs win is my favorite.  :-)
PainterThe Stanley Cup is tops for me, with the Claret Jug (British Open) at #2.  The Cup has the name of every player, coach, manager, and club staff who was associated with the championship winning team and then each player on that team gets the cup for 24 hours during the off season and gets to do whatever they want with it.  It's also the only trophy awarded by the major North American professional sports leagues that is not made each year, meaning there is one and only one
BlakeAnything you can drink out of.  I guess you could soak your Green Jacket in booze and wring it out
Majors – The Stanley Cup, no doubt
BSoxWWE championship belt ;-)

6-With baseball in the air….do you go brats or hotdogs at the ball park?  And what’s condiments?
Matt – Gotta go brat with kraut, onions and mustard.  Accompanied by a beer.
Wendt – Brats with mustard is a winning combination!
Painter – If you are holding a gun to my head I'll go with a brat and bbq sauce (ketchup if bbq isn't available) and maybe a little mustard.  Otherwise it's nachos over brats/dogs
BlakeNormally brats, but if it's a huge ass Dog, I'd go with that.  I go with just Ketchup and Mustard, and even the Mustard is a relatively new development
Majors – Hotdogs, mustard, onions, relish. Followed by a brat, with beer, of course! We have a new AA baseball team in Pcola this year, the Blue Wahoos, so it has been fun going to the games, seeing the new waterfront stadium, etc
BSoxFoot long hot dogs, you can trust them a little more than brats, although, principle park makes a damn good brat!

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