Friday 6 Pack – Crown Him

1-LeBron finally got his ring with a pretty good individual performance in the finals.  Does the ring change your view of LeBron and are the Heat the favorite next year to repeat?
Matt – Lebron is a great player, one of the top 2 players in the league (Kobe) and he was going to get his ring.  So no my view doesn’t change.  My view will change if/when he gets 3-4 rings.  He will never be Michael though.  Next year they are the favorites and someone needs to trademark the phrase “Re-Heat”
WendtI still think he's a gigantic douchebag so no his first title didn't change my mind about him
Painter – Not really. I never liked him nor disliked him.  I'm not a fan of the media hype but it is what it is.  Of course they'll start off as the favorite.
BlakeLeBron was an entirely different person starting with Game 6 of the Celtics series.  I don't like him, but you have to respect him after that run.  I could see the Heat being the favorite, but I don't think they'll repeat
Majors – Still a team game. He played out of his mind through the series, but he should have. I am not sure if the Heat are next year, the Thunder are young & hungry, will definitely be knocking on the door again, potentially a Bulls team, though I think Rose will be hurt for too long
Silker – I hate this question. It is the one everyone is asking and everyone is saying yes heat will four peat. My views on LeBron is about him being a douche not him winning. We know he can win. Can he show that he has class and is not a self centered ASS

2-Ladanian Tomlinson retired last week after signing a 1 day contract with the Chargers.  He’s 5th all time rushing in NFL history, where do you place LT in NFL running back history?
Matt – LT and AP I think are going to go down as the last great running backs.  The league is so physical right now that I don’t think you’ll see backs get close to 10-11,000 yards rushing in a career.  Payton is the all time best and LT is behind Jim Brown, Barry and Smith at least.
Wendt – Walter Payton, Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith. Those are easily my top 4, I suppose Tomlinson would be in my top 7 somewhere
Painter – He was a great all-around RB in that he had a lot of rushing yards, was a great receiving back, and could block.  I don't know if I could put him in the top 3 all time but top 5 would be a good fit.
BlakeI don't think he's in my top 5
Majors – I place LT in the top 5. Coming from a Raiders fan, it is hard to say, but truth is he owned us. Dude was amazing in his prime
Silker – He is the best lately for his length of playing. He will fall all time with the likes of AP, Foster and some others that will have great careers. But I like the guy. Good hard player

3-Kansas City has the all-star game this year, you get 2 choices to put in the Home Run Derby, who you putting in?  And has the Derby run its course?
Matt – I think the current format has run its course and the players do all the damage in the first at bats.  Give them 10 cuts not 10 outs.  Speed it up.  With that I’d like to see Pujols vs Harper in KC. 
Wendt – Prince Fielder and Josh Hamilton. They make up too many new rules. Whoever hits the most homeruns should win, period
Painter – The Derby isn't close to what it used to be since a lot of the big names don't want to do it to save their swing.  That being said I'd put in Josh Hamilton and Bryce Harper
BlakeYes, it has run it's course (and so has Chris Berman announcing it).  Look at the league leaders in Home Runs right now.  Then yawn.  I'd like to see Pujols and Hamilton go at it, but really, I don't care.
Majors – I still like the Derby, it's just fun, entertainment. My entrances? Josh Hamilton & Prince Fielder. Swing away, boys
Silker – Hamilton and Willingham

4-ESPN the Magazine released the top sports moments (as voted by fans) in each state.  For Iowa it was ISU beating #2 OkState followed by UNI Farokmaneshing #1 Kansas.  Do you agree with ESPN the Mag or is this a case of what’s happened lately?  What’s your top Iowa Sports Moment?
Matt – This is one what’s fresh in people’s minds and two it’s an online vote and ISU fans come out in droves to vote in online polls.  The top sports moment in Iowa history is #1 vs #2 – Iowa-Michigan 1985.  That’s it that’s the list.
Wendt – Iowa vs Michigan in 1985 was pretty special. UNI beating Kansas was big time. Iowa State winning at Nebraska was once in a lifetime.  I'm not sure what the biggest is but ISU/Okie State was not
Painter – Definitely what's happened lately.  I guess people have forgotten Iowa over Michigan in 85 or even Iowa over Penn State in 08. And what about the Energy winning the championship?  To me the top moment was Ricky Stenhouse, Jr blowing an engine coming off turn 4 during last year's US Cellular 250 and having teammate Carl Edwards end up hitting him from behind and pushing Stenhouse to the victory.  That really made the race, and the Iowa Speedway, famous and gave the track its signature race.
BlakeISU over OSU was shocking because NOBODY expected it.  People expect Iowa to beat a top team every year.  As far as I'm concerned UNI over Kansas is my number 1 Iowa sports moment.
Majors – UNI was pretty cool, no doubt. We haven't had too many crazy moments, unfortunately. Wait till they see the Hawkeyes this year, though!!! (fingers crossed)
Silker – UNI would have been better if it wasnt college basketball in March. Lately every year has a Cinderella so it hurts UNI. I would put Iowa and Tate’s TD pass to win the bowl up there

5-It started with WWE/F wrestlers and Hulk Hogan with Eye of the Tiger, then to boxers and then MLB players with Mariano having Enter Sandman and Ricky Vaughn having Wild Thing.  Iowa even exits the tunnel at Kinnick to Back in Black.  What’s your entrance song going to the mound, plate or ring?
Matt – I’m going with a WWE wrestlers song…the Miz “I came to play” is pretty good.
Wendt – "Blaze of Glory"Jon Bon Jovi
Painter – Either For Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica), A Warrior's Call (Volbeat), or You're Going Down (Sick Puppies) 
BlakeWatching Sunday Night Baseball, I heard Call Me Maybe played as a Mets player walked to the plate.  I got a kick out of that.  I like it if your secure enough to walk up to a total pop chick song.  I think the entrance music is a little silly.  If you need that to pump you up, you're doing it wrong.
Majors – Lunatic Fringe, by Red Rider. if you have seen Vision Quest or ever were a wrestler, there is nothing else to be said
Silker – Honestly it would be Loser.  I am just not that good and coordinated. I would like some strong country song however

6-The IGHSAU announced that the Girls State Soccer tournament is now coming to Des Moines from Muscatine.  I think outside of football and softball most championships are now in the Capital City.  Any chance that football makes its way to Des Moines and would you like to see the football championships played outside without the dome?
Matt – I’d love to see the games played outdoors but it is Iowa and weather is crazy but it’d be great to see the games for a year at Drake.  One thing I dislike with the IHSAA is having the semis in the dome.  Why make schools (and fans) drive to Cedar Falls twice?  Let the semis be played closer to schools home.  When GMG won the title in 87 we played 2 games in Garwin and one in Boone. 
Wendt – Drake Stadium is a possibility but our weather is so unpredictable in November that I think it needs to stay in Cedar Falls
Painter – The football championships fit in very well in Cedar Falls and even though I'm not a fan of dome football I don't see it moving to an outdoor stadium.
BlakeBecause of weather concerns and more importantly fair weather fans, I think it stays at the UNI Dome.  
Majors – This one is out of my strike zone, but I will swing away. I think it is cool when the HS kids play in the big boy stadiums. I say move it where ever would be the best venue for all involved. Besides, Iowa is not that big of a state, unlike here where it is 16 hours or more from here to Miami/Key West
Silker – None. It stays in the dome for tradition. If anything it would go to Iowa City and kinnick

7-BSox and the Lazer crew were talking about a bullying video that took place on a school bus with a bus monitor, if you haven’t seen it, click this link.  Thoughts on the video and what should be done?
Matt – Watching this video only 20 seconds in pissed me off so much.  The kids need to be taken over a knee and apologize to this lady in a public forum and then be punished by the school. 
Wendt – I watched it all but not at the same time, had to hit pause a few times because it made me sick to my stomach. I wasn't a good kid growing up and I really hope I would never do something like that. Those kids should be caned
Painter – I think a good ass-whupping is completely justified.  These kids need to learn respect, as do a lot of kids, and even adults, nowadays.
BlakeThe kids should get the crap kicked out of them
Silker – Bullying is a bad subject. I was bullied as a kid and I turned out fine. It has to do with parenting and monitoring your kids actions. However parents are now more into their phones and computers than their kids

NO 6pack next week.
Enjoy your 4th of July.
Love it or Leave it!  USA #1!

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