Friday 6 Pack

1. Usain Bolt is still the fastest man in the world, dominating the 100M at the Olympics in arguably the best 100M field ever.  Michael Phelps added to his medal count and is at 22 total for his career.  Would you rather be the Fastest Man in the world or most decorated Olympian?
Matt – Fastest Man in the world has a nice ring to it, that’s only 1 medal.  I think I’d take the 22.
Painter – I'd rather be the fastest man in the world.  Having a lot of medals is nice but that doesn't always mean you're the best (I know Phelps has mostly golds) but being the fastest means you were the best in what you did.
Majors – Fastest man in the world

2. Gabby Douglas brought home the all around Gold Medal and the Fab 5 won the team gold in London.  In Beijing Shawn Johnson took home the all around Silver and Silver as team, and then a gold and silver in individual events.  Who is on the top pedestal at Chow’s Gymnastics in West Des Moines?
Matt – Gabby will have more to add on with the Rio games I’m sure, but without Shawn I don’t think there is a Gabby at Chow’s.  Shawn in my opinion is on the gold medal stand at Chow’s.
Painter – Right now it's Gabby.  She won gold in the all-around and she's not retired.
Majors – As much as I like Shawn, it has to be Gabby. 2 Golds beats 2 Silvers

3. The final PGA Major of the year happens this weekend, any chance that Tiger takes this one or will his hibernation continue in the major wins?  Who’s your pick to win?
Matt – I wouldn’t be shocked if Tiger wins it, he’s been around for all 3.  I don’t think we’ll see a repeat Major winner this year either, and I’ll be curious to see how Adam Scott responds too after the collapse.  Zach has been playing well all year too.  I’ll go on a limb and take Zach.
Painter – Tiger won't win this one and I'm taking Rickie Fowler.
Majors – Unless Rory broke up with his gf, Wozniack, then he won't be winning it. Sooo, I will pick Adam Scott

4. Penn State has had around a 10 player exodus including RB Silas Redd to USC.  I think the figure is Penn State has currently lost 42% of their point production from last year.  Will this team win a Big Ten game?
Matt – Well right now defense will have to carry this team.  O’Brein is going to struggle.  I pegged them at 7-5 pre-defections but may have to drop them more.  Indiana might be their only hope right now at a conference win
Painter – Yes, they do play Indiana after all.
Majors – Sure they will, it won't be easy, but I think they will be decent. They still had talent that was recruited, and BOB seems to be rallying them well

5. A lot of talk in the past year of the NFL and concussions.  Kurt Warner said on the Dan Patrick Show that he would like his boys to not play football and Troy Palumalu said later on the DP Show all NFL players have had their “bell rung” hundreds of times from High School to the Pros.  With all that has happened with concussions, how would you feel if your son wants to pursue and play football?
Matt – My boy right now is playing flag football.  With what I know now I don’t know if I’ll want him to play football or not.  I’m leaning towards no, but when the time comes to helmet to helmet hitting, I’ll have a talk with him and he’ll make the decision then.
Painter – I'd make sure he knows the risks and then tell him his dad was much better at distance running and that he probably is too. 
Majors – I would let them play. I have had a concussion from wrestling, so have countless others. As long as the coaches and parents are aware of what is going on, the kids should play

6. The Total Recall re-deux opened last week.  This version features Collin Farrell and Kate Beckansale in place of Arnold and Sharon Stone.  Who you taking in their prime, Kate or Sharon?
Matt – Sharon I always thought was dangerous sexy, but Kate is a top 5er for me.  Kate in a runaway.
Painter – On acting ability it's a push.  On looks Kate
Majors – Kate, but boy do I like Jessica Biel!!!

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