2010 WROTC NFL Awards

There’s a lot of NFL Awards out there, and I thought since I’ve done some college football awards since 2001, but never NFL Awards, why not throw something together.  So with my buddy Quentin (@sportsfreak_qp on twitter and at Off the Crossbar) we’ve come up with the Wide Right Off the Crossbar or WROTC NFL Awards.  So here we go with our 10 categories and winners.  Let us know what you think!

Play of the Year
Matt – Moeki’s td Catch vs. San Francisco  – One handed catch by a rookie leaping toward the back end of the end zone and gets both feet in comfortably, and he’s a former Hawkeye, gotta give him some love!
Quentin  Dan Connolly's 71 yard kickoff return TD vs. Green Bay - A 313 pound lineman returns a kick 71 yards?  how does that happen?


Game of the Year
Matt - Philadelphia vs. NY Giants, The Comeback  – Down 31-10 with 7:30 left to play, the Eagles scored 28 unanswered points capped off by DeSeann Jackson’s punt return for a td as time expired.
Quentin  Philadelphia vs. NY Giants  – 28 4th quarter points for Philly - Down 21 points in the 4th only to score 28 in a row, capped by an amazing punt return for a TD by DeSeann Jackson as the clock struck 0:00.

Offensive Player of the Year
Matt – Mike Vick, Philadelphia – When he was playing, most the year he was Superman.  See the Washington game and The Comeback vs. New York.  Dude was amazing.
Quentin – Mike Vick, Philadelphia - After some time off he regained his pre-legal-issues self and took control of games.  He did it all with his arms and legs.

Defensive Player of the Year
Matt – Clay Matthews, Green Bay – Probably wouldn’t have the Offensive player of the year without the Defensive player of the year.  Clay knocked out Kevin Kolb and that allowed Mike Vick to emerge in Philly.  Clay is a force in the middle in Green Bay and wrecks havoc on opposing QBs.
Quentin – Clay Matthews, Green Bay - Dom Capers used Charles Woodson in many different ways in 2009 and did the same with Matthews in 2010.  Matthews worked hard during the off season to improve and it paid off.  He was the most disruptive pass rusher in the NFL.

Special Teams Player of the Year
Matt – Devin Hester, Chicago – Mr. Record Breaker….that is all.
Quentin – Devin Hester, Chicago - Definition of a 'game changer' (see week 3 vs Green bay).  Teams had to game plan around him, how many returners can that be said about?

Mr Record Breaker

Rookie of the Year
Matt – Sam Bradford, St. Louis – a year ago he was banged up a couple times vs. BYU and Texas.  The Rams made him the #1 pick, and if he doesn’t lose some receivers they probably win the division by a game or two.
Quentin – Sam Bradford, St. Louis - Thrown into the fire from the start and exceeded expectations.  Keep Mark Clayton healthy and St Louis is in the playoffs easily.  No other rookie had as much of an impact as Bradford, except maybe Bryan Bulaga in Green Bay.

Coach of the Year
Matt -Lovie Smith, Chicago – Lovie was on the hot seat coming into the season and made some questionable hires with Mike Martz and Mike Tice.  The Bears then went on to go 5-1 vs. division opponents and came out 2010 Division Champions and a #2 NFC Seed.
Quentin – Raheem Morris, Tampa Bay – 3-13 in 2009 to 10-6 in 2010.  Tampa Bay was left for dead after 2009.  No real expectations for 2010 and they missed the playoffs by 1 game.  Lots of unknown players that played at an elevated level.  The NFL version of Kirk Ferentz.

Best Replacement for an Injured Player
Matt – Mike Vick, Philadelphia for Kevin Kolb  – Easy pick here.  Kolb may have lost his starting gig in Philly.
Quentin – Mike Vick, Philadelphia for Kevin Kolb - Not only did Kolb lose the starting spot he may have also lost his roster spot in Philly. 
Kevin Kolb is the new Wally Pipp

Biggest Surprise
Matt – St. Louis Rams – #1 Pick in 2009 to almost being in the playoffs and in division championship contention up to the last game of the regular season
Quentin – Kansas City Chiefs – 4-12 in 2009 to 10-6 and AFC West champions in 2010.  Team looked almost inept in 2009 and then prolific in 2010.

Biggest Disappointment
Matt – Minnesota Vikings & Brett Favre  – Almost a Super Bowl last year and a perfect season for Favre to a total collapse and last place finish in the NFC North.  Oh and a collapsed roof at the Metrodome and a fired head coach and the Randy Moss fiasco.
Quentin – San Francisco 49ers - Huge expectations for the team and coach going into 2010 only to disappoint yet again.  Minnesota was close but I knew that Favre would have a down year, he has a 2 year cycle (up one, down next).

Let us know what you think and if you agree or not and what would you have chose?

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