Best and Worst of the Weekend

Mom, Dad and the grand kids (-minus Missi's 4)
Best - By far this was going home and spending time with my mom and dad and brother and his family on the 1st for my side of the family's Christmas.  My parents moved out of the houses I grew up in 3 summers ago but still its home.  I got to hang out with dad and Mike and watch a little football with them and talk the Hawks, Big Ten and other stuff.  Then for the last time this holiday season I got to see my kids reactions to opening gifts.  Priceless.  Maybe better was seeing my dad's reactions to watching the joy on my kids face.  I do wish that Missi & Jason and their boys could have been there.

Worst - Well Sunday if you were in Jordan Creek, you heard.  We were heading home and my son threw the biggest tantrum he's thrown in a long time.


  1. I'm almost surprised that you didn't list the Bears losing to the Packers as part of the 'Worst' but I know how it feels when one of your kids throws a tantrum in public. There's a reason I try to avoid taking my daughters shopping with me.

  2. Yea I would have put that had the tantrum not happened, but I thought it was a good game (minus a call or 2) but nothing was going to top that tantrum he threw