Best and Worst of the Weekend

Brayden at Monster Jam
Best - Friday night after going out to eat with the family, Brady and I headed up to Wells Fargo Arena for MONSTER JAM and Monster Trucks!  I wish I could have video taped it and his eyes when he first saw the track and the Monster Trucks come out.  He loved it.  After the late night he crashed pretty good too!

Another was Saturday when mom and dad came down.  Dad and I ran another big load of crap to the dump and mom touched up paint.  Saturday Night after doing some more cleaning/sorting and stuff the house is almost back to normal.  Just need to finish up Ryleigh's room and will be ready for her arrival in 6 weeks.

Worst -Well Brady did throw a little fit again at the mall, but not as bad as last week at Jordan Creek.  Other than the the worst is that the weekend is so short.  I feel there is so much to do but not enough time.  Why does Monday - Friday and the work week have to get in the way?

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