Best and Worst of the Weekend

BEST – I’m struggling to find a best.  Saturday night we did get the chance to go out, but don’t know if that helped my cold.  So that was nice.  Well the Hawks won.  The handled Indiana easily.  Remember about 10-15 years ago when this game was one of the top games in the Big Ten?  That’s about it. 

WORST – Other than being sick with an ear infection and cold and 100+ fever and actually having to come to work in this condition.  The Bears loss in the NFC Championship Game sucked.  I was hopeful we’d play like we did last week but a 3rd stringer almost got us back there.  The play on 3rd down with the end around was a terrible call!  Martz or Lovie should slap themselves after that.  Give it to Forte, don’t do a trick play in that situation.

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