Who's in your 5 - NFL Post Season Moments

So it's time for the NFL post season in a day.  My pick this year is Steelers over Bears.  Hopefully the next 5 weekends will produce some great memories like these next 5 have.

Honorable Mention - All the close Super Bowls we've had.  The closer the games, the better the games.  Keeps us as fans into it more and makes the memories last.  Sure if your a fan of a team that wins in a blow out, you'll keep that in your memory bank toward the top, but I'm sure you won't disagree with the following either.

#5 - The Fog Bowl - Bears vs Eagles - 1988 NFC Divisional Playoff Game
I remember this one like it was yesterday.  You could hardly see anything on TV and the announcers had trouble calling it, but some how, some way the players saw what was going on and the Bears won 20-12 to move on the NFC Championship game vs the 49ers.

#4- Don't kick it to Devin Hester!
How many times have you heard it.  Don't kick it to #23.  Tony Dungy did it once in Super Bowl 41 and well the rest is history.  Too bad the Bears couldn't pull this one out.  Bad Rex showed up and threw a pick, but Bears fans will always remember how this one started.

#3-The Greatest Comeback in NFL History
I remember this one more so for what I didn't see.  The Oilers were up big on the defending AFC Champion Bills and we went out to a family dinner.  I was cheering for the Oilers since I used them in Tecmo Bowl and just threw passes all the time with Warren Moon and the WRs they had.  When we got home after the meal, the Bills had won.  HOW?  They pulled off the greatest come back in NFL History.

#2-The Music City Miracle
One of the most shocking, amazing plays in NFL history.  In #3 the Oilers were stung by the Bills.  Here, the Titans (formerly the Oilers) got a little revenge on Buffalo.  Was it a lateral pass...ehh maybe, but it was an amazing play.  And we don't have the great Rams-Titans Super Bowl with out this play.

Like I said to open, you remember the great plays and great games but if your favorite team has a blow out win in the Super Bowl, that's your memory!  And that's mine!  Quite simply the best team ever for a single season.  15-1, 3-0 in the playoffs, only 10 points allowed in the post season.  The Super Bowl Shuffle.  Ditka.  How much better could it have got?  If only Sweetness could have scored a TD!

These are my moments, who's in your 5?


  1. Being a Green Bay fan 3 images stick out in my head: Favre running off the field with his helmet in the air after a long TD pass, Reggie White running around the Super Dome with the Lombardi trophy, and Elway spinning through the air on his way to a TD. There's also Tim Dwight's kick off TD for the Falcons.

  2. Yea Timmy Dwight is a good memory there too! He could have busted a few that game. He was the Falcons offense.

    That's my lasting image of Farve, running off the helmet with his arms in the air.