Best and Worst of the Weekend

Best - Well the best is I get an extra day this weekend!  Get to spend it with Addy at home while my buddy Rich is helping with Ryleigh's carpet in her room!  I have that going for me, which is nice.  But the best of the weekend is the football games we had.  By far the best being the Bears winning vs the Seahawks and advancing to the NFC Championship game.

Worst -Well I think the worst is the cold and snow.  My kids like the spring/summer/fall more than the winter (so do I) and the fact that they aren't able to burn off as much energy and it keeps them in sucks.  Can't wait for April to get them out side.  Another worst is well not really that bad but I wasn't able to get out to the game watch with the Des Moines Sports Freaks and @thewood31 Saturday night.  But there will be more chances.

So that's the weekend.  4 day week ahead and it's going to be a busy one and stressful one.

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