Best and Worst of the Weekend

Weekends just go by too damn fast.  Friday was a fun night.  Went out to La Hacienda for some Mexican food, and margaritas, then went and got Smurfs at Redbox for my boy and I to watch.  It’s funny how he likes some of these classics I used to watch on Saturday mornings.  If he could only watch the cartoons from back then.  Addy went to a friend’s house to play and I got her home at around 815.  After that I went out to downtown Des Moines and hung out with some tweeps!  #TeamUS rules!  We were just missing one team member! 

Saturday Addyson had a really busy day.  She had girl scouts in the morning and got a girl scouts cookie information.  Thin Mint time of year!  After that she had to get all dolled up for her dance recital in Norwalk.  She does Cheernastics (which is cheerleading, gymnastics and tumbling), and the show was a Christmas theme.  She did really well though!  Really does a great cartwheel and really takes it serious.  The rest of the day was getting ready for her to have a sleepover with a friend. 

In the video she is the first one who runs out and then is on the far right, and ends it as the lil girl in the “X” on the front right.

It was funny when her friend came over and I asked her what she liked better FuddRuckers or Red Robin and she said FuddRuckers because they have the better lettuce, and also said she likes cheeseburgers…and even likes them with cheese!  I was rolling; her friend is funny as she was so serious in her answers.  Something I’m a lil unprepared for with my kids. 

After supper I took Brayden to Jordan Creek and for a boys night out on the town, since he kinda got pushed to the side this weekend with Addyson having so much to do.  We went to Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked.  It was an ok movie for a kid, I’d say it’s a red box rental but he needed a night out and I was really happy with how good he was.  He sat with his sprite and popcorn box the whole movie stuck in his seat.  Somehow he didn’t crash on the way home, so maybe he and I will have more nights like that.

Sunday was an “ehh” day with laundry and errands and I’m really not ready for Monday but got Cheernastics for Addy tonight and I’m hauling all the kids there.  Pray for me!

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