Des Moines Sports Freaks 6Pack

1.NL MVP Ryan Braun was hit with a 50 game suspension for performance enhancing drugs. First off, are you shocked? Second, how dumb are some of these guys to keep trying this stuff?
Matt – How are these guys not smarter than this? Really? C’mon man you gotta know your getting tested and randomly tested. JUST DON’T DO IT.

Wendt – Nothing shocks me anymore in professional sports. Whatever it takes to get an edge seems to be everyone's motto lately

Painter – I'm sure it was something he ate or some vitamin he was supposed to take. I'm not convinced MLB's drug testing is 100% error proof

Blake – I'm rarely shocked when this kind of thing comes out anymore. We had an interesting discussion on the podcast about this. I'm not surprised people still do this, because they will do anything to get a leg up. If leagues were serious about putting a stop to it, they'd put in a ban for an entire season or even longer

Dan – I actually believe he is innocent. I just dont see him doing it. I know this may blow up on me, and I'll gladly take that egg on my face. No, I'm not shocked that people still do it because I guarentee that a TON of guys are getting away with it

2.Iowa State beat Iowa on Friday night in basketball….but if there wasn’t much hype around the game, did it really happen? Yes it did….when will this game get back to where it was in the 80s/90s?
Matt – I remember when this had twice the hype of the football game. Really miss that as a can’t miss game or date. I think Fran has Iowa in a better spot than Lickliter and it will take time, but you know Iowa fans are really wanting basketball to be good again, and quick.

Wendt – Iowa is at least 2 years away from being a better basketball team and who knows who transfers in to Iowa State by than. Eventually the series will be more interesting, just not sure how long that will take

Painter – At least the Energy and UNI are playing good basketball

Blake – UNI FIGHT!

Dan – The rivalry will be big again when UNI stops being the best team in the state. Thats not a dig on UNI, its just that when a MVC team is the best in state nobody cares about the "Big Two"

3.We are gettnig near the end of the year – what are your top 3 stories in the IOWA sports scene?
Matt – 1-Iowa State beats #2 Oklahoma State. 2-Iowa Basketball upsets Purdue before Big Ten Tourney. 3-Iowa State knocking off Iowa in triple OT

Wendt – The hoopla surrounding the two girls that wrestled at state last year, Iowa State making a bowl with their brutal schedule, Fremont Mills beating Murray 81-0 in the 8man championship game

Painter – Norm Parker retires, Ricky Stenhouse Jr sweeps the NASCAR Nationwide races at Iowa Speedway, Barnstormers signed QB Brad Banks

Blake – Of the year? Ugh, it hasn't been pretty this year. Iowa State's upset of Oklahoma State, the Energy winning the D League Championship, and the Iowa-ISU triple OT game

Dan – 1. Iowa football imploding twice in one season. 2. UNI Athletics, the Panthers continue to bring it across the board. Football, Track & Field, Mens/Womens Basketball, Wrestling... 3. Iowa State winning 6 games with the 2nd hardest schedule in all of 1-A football

4.Going off the last question, what are your top 5 NATIONAL sports stories?
Matt – 1 PENN STATE Scandal 2-NFL Lockout & Tebow-Mania 3-The last night of the MLB Season with the Rays and Cards clinching in dramatic fashion 4-Rory McIlroy’s Norman-esque collapse at Masters to come back and destroy the field US Open 5t-Unstable Conference Shuffling…still 5t-Choke Job by dream teams of the Heat and Eagles.

Wendt – Joe Paterno being fired, LSU going 13-0 in football, Ron Santo making the hall of fame (FINALLY), RG3 winning the Heisman, Big Al heads to the Angels

Painter – Penn St scandal (sadly), Packers win the Super Bowl, NFL & NBA lock-outs

Blake – On the negative side, but a huge story is the sexual abuse scandal at Penn State, the Lockouts dominated much of the news cycle, Theo Epstein going to the Cubs, the Packers run at perfection, and the Heat losing the NBA Finals as LeBron fails to come through in the clutch

Dan – 1. UCONN winning its 3rd National Championship in basketball. 2. Suck for Luck/Manning goes down. 3. Packers quest for 19-0. 4. Red Sox epic collapse. 5. Tiger Woods struggles

5.The Bears got Tebow-ed Sunday in Denver losing 13-10 in ot and now on a 3 game losing skid….I miss Jay. Are you sold on Tebow-mania?
Matt – Tebow isn’t on D but he is making plays when the Broncos need him too, but he will be a playoff QB this year. Still can’t fathom how the Bears lost this game…..and no I’m not a full believer but if he and the Broncos somehow beat New England….I may get closer to being sold.

Wendt – I'm sold that Denver has a pretty darn good defense and a kicker who can make 60yd field goals look like chip shots, but that's about as far as I will take it

Painter – Tebow actually fits John Fox's power rushing offense. The Broncos are wearing teams down and keeping the games close enough to win in the end

Blake – There is something about him. You see it coming, like a momentum switch in the NBA or college football. But am I sold...? Let's put it this way, at this point, I'm not betting against him

Dan – Tebow is not a good quarterback. He IS a very good leader, and knows how to win. I would take him on my team, but don't know if he would be running our traditional offense..

6.Tis the season to be Merry….what’s your favorite Christams Movie?
Matt – DIE HARD! Followed by Christmas Vacation.

Wendt – "Christmas Vacation" is easily my #1 Christmas movie of all time

Painter – Shrek the Halls... ok seriously, Elf was good as was Christmas Vacation, they tie

Blake – Christmas Vacation, and it ain't even close

Dan – The original "Santa Clause" with Tim Allen

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