Des Moines Sports Freaks Friday 6 Pack

1.   The Packers fell to the Kansas City Chiefs and perfection is lost.  Is this a good thing for the Packers to lose in the regular season? 
Matt – I think for the Packers it takes a little stress of them and will help them “refocus” and I still think they get to atleast the NFC Title game if not Super Bowl
Wendt – I never understood why people thought a loss was a good thing? Helps you re-focus? Huh? Their paid NFL players, their focus every week is to win
PainterYes, now they don't have the added pressure of not losing and it gives them a chance to really focus on what needs to be fixed
BlakeYes.  They had been looking vulnerable for a couple weeks.  This will refocus them.  16-0 doesn't mean anything if they lose in the playoffs
BSoxNo, Someone needs to shut Mercury Morris up. God I hate listening to him
Zach – Actually, no. It shows they are mortal, they have some issues on each side of the ball and how teams can beat them

2.  The shortened NBA Season starts on Christmas – it will end in June or July when we are all playing golf and softball….who wins the NBA Title?
Matt – I’m going to say its Bulls vs Lakers in the finals and Bulls beat down Kobe
Wendt – A short season might actually hurt veteran teams  (from having to play so many games in a small amount of time) I'm going to go ahead and go out on a limb and take the Miami Heat to win the title (and I just threw up a little in my mouth)
PainterThe champs usually come out of nowhere, I'll say the Pacers
BlakeIf you put a gun to my head, I'll say the Heat
BSoxI’ll be a homer and go with Miami. They’ll have another season to gel, and maybe get their %$#@ together
Zach – Laugh all you want, but if this were the year to do it: it would be the Thunder to make a rumble in the NBA. I take them over New York in Finals.

3.   Christmas Night we will have Chicago vs Green Bay on Monday Night and the NBA comes back with a Finals Rematch of Dallas vs Miami and then the Lakers vs Bulls too.  Which game is the better game?
Matt – I remember when we always had MJ & the Bulls on Christmas night….but the NFL is still the NFL.  If Jay was healthy and if the Bears were about 10-4 or 11-3 going into this game, it would be HUGE!
Wendt – Green Bay/Chicago will be a bloodbath. I'll be watching Bulls/Lakers for sure!
PainterBetter game in terms of competition?  Probably Lakers/Bulls.  Which game means more?  Chicago/Green Bay (thanks to Pittsburgh losing to San Fransisco on Monday night)
BlakeLakers/Bulls.  We'll see the retooled Bulls lineup with Rip Hamilton, and see just how far the Lakers have fallen.  The Bears are toast, and there'll be plenty of chances to vomit while watching the Heat this year
BSoxChicago/green bay – not much on the line for this early in the season, not enough drama for it to out do NFL
Zach – If I have to pick between the two: Dallas/Miami. Kobe won't be healthy --> Lakers aren't as good

4.  Iowa beat Drake this past weekend in Basketball, and will apparently be the end of the BIG 4 matchups in Iowa.  Do you like Iowa and ISU cancelling these series?
Matt – The 4 teams should play each other.  I don’t want to see Iowa play more Campbells or South Dakota States.  Play all Drake and UNI…its good for the state!
Wendt – I don't know the financial implications from the games so I really don't know. If it's cheaper to play somebody else than I'm all for saving money (and saving face by not getting beat by the Missouri Valley)
PainterA game is a game, although sometimes it's better to schedule cupcakes in order to get into a rhythm
BlakeNO!!!  Man up.  Play home and homes.  Unfortunately, money talks too, and they Hawks and Clones can afford to bully the Panthers and Bulldogs around.  On the other hand, I'm more apt to go to the games now that they could be played at the Well
BSoxNo, Drake is a decent program. They should be playing, what’s difference between playing central arkansas or central michigan. Not much. Drake at least would bring some interest
Zach – No. Keep tradition. If it ain't broke, don't fix it

5.  The DSM Sports Freaks Fantasy Football Championship will come down to Team Just the Tip vs the Blackhawks….who takes home the title?
Matt – Well since I got beat by Team Just the Tip, I’m going with them.
Wendt – The Blackhawks are taking the title (or belt as I have come to find out goes to the winner) Just the Tip is too beat up and was lucky to pull off the W this week
PainterRodgers + Nelson + Lambeau = fantasy points galore.  I'm taking The Tip
BlakeI've moved on to Fantasy Basketball
BSoxDon’t care lol
Zach – The Blackhawks. They've kicked me in the tail twice so I'll go that direction

6.   What is the best christmas gift you’ve ever got?
Matt – My grandma used to always get me a box of football cards, that was pretty awesome. 
Wendt – I got  Castle Grayskull  when I was younger (not sure the age) and it was the first thing that popped into my head this morning so I'll go with that as my best christmas gift ever.
PainterIf this was going to be posted after Saturday I'd say the laptop I'm getting this year but I'm going to go with our digital camera.  It may not be the best in the world but it has captured some amazing memories
BlakeIn college we used to do a Porn Gift exchange, complete with Pornaments on the Christmas Tree.  I'm not sure what the  best gift is that I've ever gotten, but now that I'm old, I like to reminisce about the good old days and the good, wholesome Porn gift exchange
BSoxPS3 – got it last year, and have played nonstop sense. Got me off world of warcraft, and that’s good right?
ZachI'll go best sports-related gift: An autographed team football from the 2002 squad of the Hawkeyes (got hammered to USC in Orange Bowl). Well, at least they never got into trouble

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