Des Moines Sports Freaks Friday 6 Pack

A early jump to your New Year’s, screw the champaign, get a 6er!

1-Iowa takes on Oklahoma Friday night in what Vegas thinks will be the most lopsided game in the bowl season…do the Hawkeyes have a chance?
Matt – I’d like to see the Hawks come out 5 wide with what has happened with the backfield and give McNutt a nice sendoff (the Nebraska game wasn’t a McNutt game).  But I fear with our D it could get out of hand.
Wendt – As disappointed as I am with what Ferentz pulled on the media with his "joke" and the fact that Coker is out I still feel optimistic (or maybe I'm just stupid)
PainterI think they have a chance.  I'll go out on a limb and say they'll pull another upset.  B-Sox and I touched on this during the podcast a little bit.  Iowa seems to be less conservative during bowl games and Ferentz will want to show Iowa fans why he was a better hire than Stoops.
Blake – No, I just want this season to end
Zach – It's sports. Anyone has a chance. I think the lack of motivation Oklahoma will bring plays a major factor

2-Iowa State plays Rutgers in Yankee Stadium Friday afternoon in the Pinstripe bowl….will the Cyclones make Paul Rhoads and Cyclone Nation Proud again with a bowl win?
Matt – Rutgers is essentially playing at home so it could get tough and if ISU gets wide eyed about the Big City…Rhoads will need to pull them back in…I’m going to say ISU somehow pulls this thing out.
Wendt – Seems like the Clones are really living up the life in New York right now..........that might lead to disaster
PainterI think ISU wins this game.  They're excited to be there and I'm sure they'd love to have a winning record.
Blake – I think they do
Zach – Yes. Cyclone Nation will be a happy one come this evening. They win, 28-17

3-Back to Iowa….what the hell is going on with the running back position, is Iowa cursed? 
Matt – When’s the last time the Hawks had a RB lead the team in rushing in back to back years?  Albert Young?  KF and staff needs to just stock up on backs every recruiting year.
Wendt – Yes Iowa is cursed, I have no other explanation other than that. CURSED I TELL YA!
PainterYou didn't see this kind of stuff under Carl Jackson.  Just saying....
Blake – I am beyond tired of this revolving door at the position. I'm not sure what it is. It's only partially a curse because a lot of the problems are self induced, not injury related
Zach – No discipline or awareness of common sense

4-Other than the Hawks and Clones (if you’re looking forward to those games)…which bowl come now up to the BCS Championship ZZZfest are you looking forward to the most?
Matt – Actually the Rose Bowl.  First off it’s the ROSE BOWL!  And to just see the matchup differences between Wisconsin style and the Oregon Style. 
Wendt – Okie State/Stanford could be very entertaining!
PainterUh, none of them really.
Blake – Ugh, the Rose Bowl?  The Cotton Bowl?
Zach – Florida-Ohio State just for the underlying storyline of Coach Meyer being at a crossroads

5-Drew Brees passed by Dan Marino’s 25+ year old passing record vs the Falcons on Monday Night football, impressed by this or is it just a record made to be broken?
Matt – I’m actually surprised in the pass happy league it hasn’t been broken, and I’m sure it won’t take another 25+ years to be broken.  Cam for 6000 yards in a few years?  6000 is only 375 a game.
Wendt – Marino's record stood for 27years so I'm impressed but not shocked if it goes down next season
PainterNot impressed at all!  Brees plays most of his games inside of a dome which helps the passing game.  This is also a different era of football; the rules have been set up to enable huge passing numbers.  Sometimes a lot of yardage isn't always good.  That can mean your defense is giving up a lot of points and not getting off the field with quick stops.
Blake – It could easily be broken by Brees himself next year or Aaron Rodgers and that wide receiving corps in Grewn Bay
Zach – It was meant to be broken, but in good fashion by Brees

6-New Year’s Eve is Saturday Night….is it the best night to go out drinking or over rated?  And best New Years Eve Story, or thing you’ve done?
Matt – NYE and St Paddy’s are days I tend to not go out.  Just feel they are overhyped and more stupid people are out too.  That being said…the best time I had on a NYE was going out downtown Des Moines say early 2000s and just drinking and stuff I don’t remember really…went out to find my cousin in the street and he’s driving around looking for me.  Woke up hung over as hell and made ribs and watched football all day long.
Wendt – NYE is overrated in my book (or maybe I say that because I have kids) The best/worst story I can remember is not going out on NYE in 2005 (I believe) and I woke up the next morning to go to work and not realizing how slick the ice storm was the night before I slipped on my steps and knocked my teeth out. Spent the day at a dentist I luckily found who pieced me back together again.
Painter – From a drinking/partying standpoint it's over rated.  I've never been one that gets too wrapped up in the NYE festivities.
Blake – Overrated, but it is a good excuse to get the wife liquored up
Zach – I for one think it's overrated. Then again, there's a reason I'm single. It has been a family tradition to stay in and make a gathering of sorts. Alcohol is still present, however

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