Best and Worst – Tis the Season

Anyone else think 3 day weekends are just a tease for a 4 day weekend?  And when it’s over you feel like you need more instead you have to go back to work…and the only thing good really is a short work week then to only get teased again with another 3 day weekend on the other end.  Yea that’s how I’m feeling right now.  BUT I will say it’s a good thing that I’m back to work today because if I stayed home one more day with the Christmas cookies that are in my house I’d be in trouble. 

Friday night was pretty good to start off the week.  Went out to Merle Hay Mall to pick up some gifts and went and visited @hawkart_sean at his store and drank some wine there.  I got one of his drawings (the Dan Gable one) for my nephew who is big into wrestling.  He got to practice with the Hawkeyes this weekend while the Brands boys and Metcalf were all wrestling.  So that was cool.  After the mall I headed to Carl’s Place for some Grainbelts with @SOXNHOX.

I’m kinda unofficially doing a #hawkeyeslimup or #hawkeyeslimdown which ever it is and I’m down (according to my scale) 15 pounds.  Another 15 or more and I’ll be at my goal and hopefully start to put on muscle and get running good and ready for Dam to Dam and softball!  I’m already starting a countdown for softball; I’m so ready for it, and golf.  The no snow we’ve got so far has me more ready this year than previous, though I know that snow is coming soon…it’s Iowa, we’ll probably get like 2 feet some weekend coming up.

Well enough about me, we’ll get on to this weekend, Christmas.  Had a couple to go to this year and really when did it become that you have to outdo last year’s gifts and keep adding?  I feel like with the kids that’s what it’s become.  There’s an extra gift or more spent or something BIGGER.  As a kid, would I say no to it, no, in fact I’d love it.  As a parent, it’s making me sick.  First off things are more expensive and second off, where the hell am I going to put all this shit?  My youngest got I think half of the Playskool line for infants.  My oldest got an iPod cube/radio and she still doesn’t have an iPod (guess what she’s getting for her birthday).  And my son has 3 captain America figures, and a couple Thor’s.  Really, 1 of each would be ok. 

Ok off my soap box, that being said, the kids all had a good time and loved all their gifts.  That was the fun part of Christmas just seeing them tear open the presents and smiles and excitement.  Also the amazement and questions they got seeing that Santa had eaten their cookies and the carrots being chomped on.  They even wrote notes to Santa.  Playing with their toys with them is fun too.  Especially with my son and his race track and the attachments he got this year.  It’s an extra booster that launches the cars faster and we had a ramp built up jumping over his monster trucks.  Its fun seeing how excited and happy he gets.  Every time one would clear the monster trucks he would jump with a fist in the air.  Only bad thing is he woke lil sister up.  Other than that it was really good.

I must have fooled Santa too because he brought me 2 Xbox games.  Call of Duty:MW3 and Batman Arkham City.  COD:MW3 is pretty sweet and the online play is cool.  I’m sure I’ll get sucked into like I did GRAW2.  Also got on DVD Thor, Captain America and XMEN First Class. 

That is the good and fun stuff.  The stress was also there this weekend with the family coming over and just anxiety in the house and getting everything ready.  I also need a bigger house!  There’s a lot of stress I won’t get into but let’s just leave it as I’m really glad Christmas is over, the tree is down and my kids had fun, but I’m ready for 2012 and going to face it full blast.  Oh but first is Friday night and the Insight Bowl and the Hawks, after that I’ll be ready to go for 2012. 

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