Big Ten Awards – Week 13

Team of the Week: Michigan – Wisconsin may have wrapped up the Leaders Division with their win over Penn State, but what Michigan completed this year and this weekend was a big step in Brady Hoke’s first year.  The Wolverines beat Ohio State for the first time in 7 years, they are 10-2 after dismal stretch run with RichRod as their coach and they are also likely headed to the BCS.  Is Michigan Football back? 

Helmet Sticker: Montee Ball rushed for 151 yards and 4 touchdowns to add to his yearly Big Ten record total to 34 and lead the Badgers to Indianapolis and the inaugural Big Ten Championship Game vs Michigan State.

Game of the Week:  Michigan 40 – Ohio State 36 :  Reminiscent of 1 vs. 2 in 2006, a shoot out happened in Ann Arbor between the 2 rivals and ended with Denard Robinson leading the Wolverines to their first win over the Buckeyes in 7 years and a 10-2 finish in Brady Hoke’s first year.  Michigan with the win is also most likely BCS Bowl Bound.

Big Ten Jimmy John’s Challenge
Chad (71-25)          Matt (71-25)          Kyle(69-27)

Big Ten Take Away:  Remember this?  We get a rematch of this classic in Indianapolis for the 2011 Big Ten Championship!  It will be nice to not see those Championship TShirts that so Co-Champ from now on and it’s just BIG TEN CHAMPION!

National Take Away:  No matter what happens this weekend, we are looking at most likely a SEC rematch for the National Championship…LSU vs. Alabama.  Remember that 9-6 Game of the Crapper?  Yea that.  Heck we could have LSU lose to Georgia, not win their conference vs. Alabama a team that didn’t win its conference OR division for that matter, that plays for the National Championship, maybe time for Bill Hancock and his boys to take a look at a playoff?

Player of the Year Update:  I posted on Twitter that I wouldn’t put Trent Richardson in my top 3 of the Heisman Ballot.  Why?  I feel he’s a system RB, and with that Offensive Line, couldn’t anyone put up 1300 yards?  Put in Marcus Coker behind that line and against Ole Miss, Miss State, Georgia Southern, Vandy, North Texas, and Kent State and also the likes of Vandy and other SEC teams, he puts up similar numbers. My first vote would go to RG3 basically because of the numbers he put up are amazing and also he has Baylor at 8-3!  Baylor! 

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