6 packers… ASSEMBLE!

1-RG3 and Andrew Luck headlined the NFL Draft over the weekend.  Any picks that made you go hmm…or how did you think your team did with their picks?
Matt – I’m still shocked that McNutt went so late, and that the likes of Nick Toon went ahead of him.  Did these scouts miss the whole Big Ten football season?  The pick of Kirk Cousins by the Redskins is a head scratcher too.  They took RG3 with the #2 pick…that pick looks like they aren’t completely confident in that pick?  I think Cleveland Browns fans will love Trent Richardson too!
Wendt – I'm not sure why the Bears didn't go after some offensive lineman and why in the world did Washington draft Cousins? Just silly. 
Painter – I didn't follow the draft very closely this year but I am happy with Green Bay taking Mike Daniels
BlakeThe one that everyone is talking about is Kirk Cousin's being taken a few rounds after RG3 to the Redskins.  That makes no sense.  It puts pressure on RG3 right out of the gate, and takes away a position player that could have helped the team
Majors – I was ok with our picks. (Raiders) It is a new regime, no more just picking fast guys, we actually picked real players. I am looking forward to the new direction of the team

2-Marvin McNutt, the Hawks all time leading receiver, was drafted in the 6th round by the Philadelphia Eagles, shocked at how far he fell?
Matt – Totally shocked!  I was thinking 4th round.  Thought he’d look great as a Bear too.  The Eagles totally got a steal here. 
Wendt – There had to have been questions on his speed because his pass catching was unbelievable
Painter – Yes and no.  I thought he would have been a 4th or 5th rounder but Iowa WRs haven't produced well in the NFL (for the most part)
BlakeAbsolutely.  I remember talking about him as a late 1st, or 2nd rounder at one point during the season.  I think a lot of teams went Defense this year, because of the offensive explosion in the last few years
Majors – I was a little. Iowa doesn't have a huge rep for WRs, per se, and with Marvin only being a WR a couple years, I guess it makes sense. Will be fun to see what he does

3-Speaking of the Hawks, they’ve had the most draft picks from the Big Ten in the last 2 years and in the last 3 years they have 18 picks but only 14 Big Ten wins?  Good talent and bad breaks or bad coaching moves? 
Matt – 2009 the Hawks got all the bounces….2010 they went the other way.  2011 was a transition year.  Of those 14 Big Ten wins 5 are over Michigan (3) and Penn State (2).
Wendt – Bad coaching moves/bad breaks
Painter – The coaches are ultimately responsible when you have that much talent but can't get the wins.  Good for them that they can develop players, bad for them for not using that talent to win
BlakeMost of the bad breaks have been associated with bad coaching moves
Majors – I think there are some bad breaks in there, (see RB depth chart/injury report), but I think coaching has been an issue. There is a definite need to shake things up a little

4-Bryce Harper made his debut this weekend for the Nationals.  He’s already made a leaping catch.  Will the kid live up to the YouTube hype?
Matt – The Nats have a couple guys with a lot of hype with him and Starusburg.  I hope for the kids sake he is half as good as the hype.  It would be good for that city and team. 
Wendt – I don't know much about him to be honest
Painter – Who?
BlakeI can't stand the guy.  I think he might turn out to be the cockiest thing the game has ever seen.  That being said, the kid can swing a bat
Majors – If he doesn't, he will be the next Todd Marinovich

5-Derrick Rose blew out his knee in game one of the Bulls opening playoff series vs the 76ers.  How much does this hurt the Bulls chances of title number 7?
Matt – Well I put on Google+ my NBA playoff prediction.  I had the Bulls over the Thunder in the finals.  This really hurts that pick. I think they can get past the first 2 rounds but beating LeBron will be near impossible now.
Wendt – I didn't think the Bulls would get out of the East with Rose so without him they are dead man walking
Painter – Doesn't hurt at all, they weren't going to win the championship anyway
BlakeUh, did you see game 2?  It might even be a mental block with the team, knowing Rose isn't coming back this time.  I'm still in shock over it all.  They legitimately had a chance at the title
Majors – A LOT. See you next season, guys, and that isn't a guarantee since he will still be recovering

6-The Avengers opens this Friday in what could be a record breaking weekend.  Of the 7 heroes (Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Capt America, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, & Black Widow) who is your favorite Avenger…and are you going to see the flick this weekend?
Matt – Of the 7 I like Iron Man, he’s like Batman, rich dude with a lot of toys!  And he’s confident, cocky and just has fun kicking tail.  And yes I’ll be seeing the movie on the 4th!
Wendt – I actually watched Iron Man for the first time on Sunday, it was really good. Will I go see The Avengers in theaters? No, but maybe on DVD
Painter – If my life depended on picking a favorite I'd go with Iron Man (the suit is amazing), otherwise I really have no favorite.  I will be catching the movie on Friday night.
BlakeLove me some Captain America.  Uh, no, I go to 2 movies a year
Majors – Capt. America has always been one of my top 5 superheroes, top 3 really. (He, Batman, & Green Lantern). I doubt I see the movie this weekend, but will definitely check it out

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