6 Pack - 3 Day weekend style

1-Friday Cubs Pitcher Kerry Wood retired after one final K.  Thoughts on his career and lasting image of Kerry on the mound for you?
Matt – For me it’s easy.  The 20K game and that last pitch that baffled Derek Bell.  That is one of my favorite games ever, any sport!  The walk off with his boy at the dugout Friday was pretty dang good too!  He’s top 5 of my favorite Cubs!
Wendt – Thought if Dusty Baker didn't ruin him back in the day he would have been a dominant starter for years to come. A great Cub and happy he was able to go out on his own terms
Majors – Kerry Wood, the coulda shoulda kid! Loved watching him pitch, wish he could have done more for my Indians. Glad to see him go out on his own, as well as a final K

2-Queitly the San Antonio Spurs are making a run at another NBA Championship.  The Thunder stand in the way and then the Eastern Conf Champs.  Where does Tim Duncan rank on the all time player list?
Matt – He’s not flashy like MJ, Kobe or Shaq but he’s gotta be top 10-15 all time doesn’t he?  He doesn’t boast or want the spotlight, he just WINS!  And he plays a team game. 
Wendt – He's not flashy, doesn't talk, and is boring. With that being said he's a top 20 all timer for sure
Majors – I am a big Duncan fan. I think he is one of the most fundamentally sound players in history. All time rank? I have him top 10, maybe top 8

3-College Football conference expansion is back.  Did you miss it?  With the SEC & Big XII agreeing to a Rose Bowl like agreement for their champions, the rumors are flying of Clemson and FSU to the Big XII…Follow Chip Brown for all your expansion news.  Thoughts on the SEC & Big XII agreeing to have their champions meet and what bowl/location is the best place for the game?
Matt – To me it seems like the start of a playoff and super conferences.  I could see the SEC/BIG XII and Pac12/Big Ten just meeting 2 weeks after the Conf Champs game then the champ game 2 weeks later.  The ACC and Big East need to make moves to not be left out.  The best place, I don’t think you can just put it in New Orleans without the Jerry Dome and Cotton Bowl putting up a stink. 
Wendt – I've said it once and I'll say it again, Clemson/FSU will NOT be heading to the Big 12 (sorry Big 12 fans) I get sick of Chip Brown so I won't be following him on twitter (one of my top 5 annoying tweeters)
Majors – I think the matchup could be interesting. The issue is the Big XII doesn't play Defense, so the SEC may be able to wipe them up. I am sure it would be a middle location, maybe NOLA?

4- Getting ready for the football season HawkeyeNation.com is running the Mt Rushmore of the Ferentz era and now top 3 wins in the Ferentz era.  What are you 3 top wins for the Hawkeyes under Ferentz?  (ISU Fans we’ll get to you too next week)
Matt – In no particular order….2010 Orange Bowl….2008 vs Penn State….2002 at Michigan
Wendt – 2002 vs Purdue (Dallas Clark long TD), 2004 the drubbing of Wisconsin, 2004 over LSU (the catch)
Majors – First of all, there are ISU fans? Ok, top 3? Wow, the Penn St night game, the Orange Bowl win over GA Tech. That was a beating. Third? I still love the LSU Hail Mary from Drew in 2005. 

5-Memorial Day weekend marks the running of the Indy 500.  The 500 has lost luster since the AJ Foyts, Mario Andretti’s and Al Unser Jr’s have ran and drank the milk, will it ever be what it used to be?
Matt – The rise of NASCAR has diminished the Indy 500 and also the short Indy Car season.  It would have helped if Danica would have won one.  It was something I always thought would be cool to see but now I’d rather go there for the Brickyard 400.
Wendt – I'll end up watching a few laps but really don't care about Indy racing
Majors – Can they survive without Danica? I am kidding... I think the sport is pretty cool, I would rather watch F1 than Nascar, at least Indy & F1 make right turns.

6-Men In Black 3 comes out Friday.  Is this Will Smith’s best character he’s played?  Did we really need this 3rd movie made?
Matt – The answer is the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  That’s it that’s, the list.
Wendt – I really liked Smith in "Hitch" "I am Legend" and "Enemy of the State" I'm actually thinking I'll see MIB 3 in the theater, looks fun
Majors – No & no. Fresh Prince, c'mon now! He was great in I am Legend.

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