Best and Worst of the Weekend – GOOOOOAALL!!!

Weekend was pretty good, really good weather and some good times.  Friday night my oldest and I went to go pick up supper at La Hacienda and then to pick out a movie.  Her choice was “We Bought a Zoo”.  It was pretty good, really liked it.  Matt Damon did a pretty good job and it’s a great daddy-daughter movie.  There are some times that I wonder about with my boy and the way Damon interacts with his son, that made me think of interaction with mine.  The little girl in it was just cute too!  There were some sad parts too but it but it was really good with the idea of not giving up, living an adventure and the relationship with a father and kids.  It’s on redbox, recommend going to get it!  3 / 5 Stars. 

Saturday my oldest and I went down to the farmers market late morning, my boy had allergies bugging him so he stayed home.  Addy and I talked about what she wanted to get her mom for mother’s day.  We walked around a bit and she found what she wanted.  After that we headed home to a mess with the dishwasher leaking water and suds all over.  I’m thinking great Saturday!  It wasn’t much the door wasn’t closed all the way and thankfully my boy noticed it before it got any worse.  The rest of Saturday involved the kids playing outside and grilling.  I rented New Years Eve Saturday night but allergies killed me and I ended up crashing hard.

Sunday the kids got up WAY to early.  Made them breakfast…my youngest has a new food love, cinnamon eggo waffles.  She LOVES them.  I did my normal Sunday morning, watching CBS Sunday Morning and Face the Nation.  It was amazing out so all the kids played outside, had Ry out on the deck baby gated in and she loved it.  She got into the older kids side walk chalk.  Her mouth was blue after she put it in her mouth…also had some blue chalk on her face and looked like she had a makeup artist from Bravehart working on her.  :) 

Sunday also meant another soccer game.  We played a team that we played in week 1.  It wasn’t much of a matchup and the kids really played well.  Lotta good defense and moves and offense.  Gave up 1 goal if I remember right.  Also Addy got her first goal of the year!  One of our fastest players wanted to help get her a goal and so Addy kind of cherry picked down at our goal and then our team would go to kick it down there toward her and lead her to kick it in.  After a few near misses and a ball that just went in she finally got it and kicked the ball in.  She had a HUGE  smile on her face, ran over to me and gave me too fives and a hug.  Then ran back out there to play more.  She almost got a few more goals.  It was fun and find myself getting into it more each week.  Also got the team and Addy’s soccer pictures in the mail too.  They looked really good, I wish we weren’t a man down in the team picture.   They are a great group of kids.  The rest of the day was spent with laundry, bath night, supper, the kids playing outside and napping and then Celebrity Apprentice to end the night.

Pretty good weekend over all, Monday morning wasn’t fun but hopefully the rest of the week is better, it looks like it will be nice and I’ll get to mow in and also maybe see Avengers again. 

One thing I’ll say that is the worst is my snacking and the ankle.  I like frosting and that’s bad when I have a bum ankle.  My ankle hurts more when it’s in a tennis shoe that I run in and its more so the cut of the shoe and where my ankle bone is.  What makes it worse is that there were donuts at work on Friday and I had another one this morning.  Donuts are tasty but bad.  Goal is to get down 10-15 pds by the vacation taking the kids to Wisconsin. 

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  1. I loved that movie! I cried like a baby and took my husband by surprise when we was in the kitchen looking at photos.. but we really loved this one!
    I need to try those eggos with Logan. He is in a breakfast rut. Tired of everything I usually give him.
    Sorry about your ankle. Feel better soon :)