You can't sink the Friday 6 pack

1-Josh Hamilton is en fuego, 18 homeruns in 33 games, that’s a season pace for 88 homeruns.  I’ll set the over/under at 55, prediction time, what’s he hitting and is Barry Bonds record safe?
Matt – It would be great to see someone like Hamilton knock Bonds off that petistal, that being said I don’t think he’ll do it.  Pitchers will start to walk him and he’ll eventually “cool” down.  I’m going to say under and he’ll hit like 49, which is still a really good year.
PainterOver and Bond's record is safe. Pitchers will start pitching around him as much as possible.  Plus there's no way he could keep up this pace anyway.
BlakeI frankly can't believe there hasn't been more talk about the season Home Run mark, but let's revisit this in June and see what his pace is.  Then we can legitimately ramp up the hype
Majors – Barry Bonds is safe, but not by much. I think Hamilton will hit 57. One thing to remember with Hamilton, he does not hit well in the daytime. So he has that going against him
Silker – What did Rob Washington put in the beer in Texas? Last time we had hitters like this we spent the next decade talking about steroids and having the Feds get involved in the game. Hopefully the same isn't true here and he is just playing good sober baseball

2-Both the Lakers and Clippers are in the Western Conference Semifinals in the NBA Playoffs, both are considered the underdog, which team has the best chance to advance to the Conference Finals?
Matt – The Lakers I think have the best chance to make it a series but I don’t think they are going to.  Monday they were rolled by the Thunder!  I’m gonna say they both lose, the Clippers in 5 and the Lakers in 6.
PainterBest chance? Honestly think it's the Clippers
BlakeUm...neither really.  After seeing the Game 1 destruction by the Thunder, neither will be in the Conference Finals
Majors – As a Lakers fan, I will say not them. The Thunder are too athletic, and Kobe even said so last night. I think the Clippers could beat the Spurs athletically, but they are banged up. I think the Spurs are an older team, but a very smart and savvy one, so the Clip better bring their athleticism to the party
Silker – After monday nights lakers game it has to be the Clippers. However Griffen and Paul must be playing their best to win

3-This I’m going to borrow from the Dan Patrick Show…you have a chance to have a 10 year career in any of the major sports, knowing what has gone on with the NFL and NHL with concussions, which sport are you choosing?  NFL, MLB, NHL or NBA?
Matt – NFL would be nice if I’m like Peyton Manning’s backup…you get paid nicely and you get a front row seat to watch a great QB.  But I think MLB is the answer, you get to travel to cities more than a day…and really you come out very healthy after our career is over.
PainterNHL, always has been my choice and always will be
BlakeAfter initially thinking MLB because of salaries and ease on one's body, I went with the NBA instead.  Better groupies
Majors – Easy, an outfielder in MLB. Yes the grind is a rough one, but you get to play in the outfield every day? Yes please
Silker – All sports have their down turn. All players get injured. For a ten year career, I would have to still say NFL with the MLB close behind. Head injury or tommy John surgery?

4-KCCI is “Crusin’ for Comfort Food” breakfast style….where’s your favorite place for breakfast and favorite menu item?
Matt – The Waveland Café….the Lumberjack Breakfast I believe is what it is called.  Anything that has some eggs, biscuits and gravey!
PainterOnly time I go out for anything other than doughnuts is to McDonalds and I always get 2 sausage burritos
BlakeSnooze Diner.  Oh, it's in Denver though
Majors – CJ's, for sure. Affordable and great food. Another Broken Egg is awesome as well, but pretty pricey. Bagelheads...yum, best bagels around. If I am in Iowa visiting friends/family/ I want Casey's donuts!!!
Silker – Nothing beats a Perkins breakfast. Anything

5-Garret Macnamera surfed a 78 foot wave off the coast of Portugal.  What is the most ‘extreme’ thing you’ve done or would be willing to do?
Matt – I want to go do the rapids on like the Colorado River…don’t know how ‘extreme’ that is considered but getting in there with all the rocks and waves going on would be sweet.
PainterHaven't done anything extreme but I'd love to go skydiving or swim with sharks.
BlakeI'd parasail in a heart beat
Majors – I have gone rappelling & caving back home in MO many times. Fun stuff... I also swim in the Gulf of Mexico regularly, sharks, jellyfish, rays galore
Silker – I am open for anything. However two weeks ago your tax dollars spent to train me in airplane acrobatics which was pretty awesome. Nothing like doing flips and upside down flight at ten thousand feet

6-Battleship opens this week as the second really big blockbuster of the Summer Movie Season.  Avengers is raking in money being the first movie ever to make over 100million in a movies second week.  Any chance that Tim Riggins and Liam Nesson take out the Superheroes? 
Matt – HULK SMASH SHIP!  I think they both do well but I think you’ll see Avengers take the top spot again with about 70 million and Battleship will take in maybe 50 million, there’s not a lot of money for them both to make big money I’m thinking.  Avengers is going to be a top 5 all time grossing movie after it’s all said and done.
Painter – Battleship will make more than the Avengers this weekend only because the Avengers has been out for 2 weeks now.  I have a feeling that Battleship is going to flop though
BlakeGood God, Battleship looks horrible.  Talk about combining "Battle for Los Angeles" and "Transformers"
Majors – I don't think Battleship will take over. I have a close friend stationed on the USS Enterprise and she has told me some cool stuff about the movie. I think it will be fun, entertaining, but not the one to take down the Avengers. Now where is GI Joe?
Silker – None. Looks horrible. Avengers holds on but barely

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