Friday 6 Pack

1-The Stanley Cup Final begins this week…the LA Kings take on the New Jersey Devils…who’s your pick and in how many games?
Matt – Playoff hockey is about as good as it gets.  I’m going to take the NJ Devils in 7.
Wendt – Los Angeles Kings in 6 games
Painter – The Devils have a lot of experience on their side.  This hurts to say but I'll take NJ
Blake – Brouder's been playing well, but the Kings seem unstoppable.  It all depends on which goalie gets the hottest.
Majors – I am going with the Kings in 6. Hot goalies are tough to beat!
Zach – Kings in 6

2-Memorial Day is one of the check points in MLB…who in the Show is your surprise so far?
Matt – Well I’m not surprised the Cubs suck.  I picked the Dodgers in the World Series so not that either.  Gonna have to say the AL East.  The Orioles and Rays are tied for first.  The Red Sox in last place.
Wendt – Probably a tie between the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals
Painter – Yeah....uh.... 
Blake – Baltimore and Washington leading their divisions is certainly a surprise.  Talk to me at the All Star Break, then I'll get really excited if both of those teams are still out front.
Majors – My Indians are still standing strong, so that is a plus. I am surprised though in the Phillies, they have just gotten old, fast. it happens, and sometimes it can happen in an off season.
Zach – From a team standpoint, it's obviously Baltimore playing so well. Individually, it's Melky Cabrera hitting around .370.

3-Summer is little league season, what’s one of your favorite little league memories?
Matt – First year of majors and 2 split teams in Garwin…playing Green Mountain(who we were consolidated with) and my buddy on the mound, down 1…2 outs and bases loaded.  The GM team hadn’t won in 2 years.  First pitch put it down the middle and I swung, got under it and popped it straight up to the pitcher.    I’ll remember that till the day I go to my grave.  The next year we had all my class on one team and lost 1 game in the regular season.  Played LeGrand in the 1st round of the playoffs and lost by 1.  That one sucked too.
Wendt – I remember hitting a homerun that hit a tree in the backyard of a house that was out in right field. Yeah that was a shot my friends
Painter – Only real memory I have was having to play 2nd base the last game of the year and I got the tag down for the 1st and 3rd outs of the last inning.  I had never played or even practiced at 2nd and I played the position perfectly all game, according to my coaches.
Blake – Duh, hitting a Home Run!
Majors – I have quite a few, but a funny one was when I was traded. I mean, seriously, who gets traded in Little League? My team needed a pitcher, the other team needed an outfielder, so it worked out well. Had a great season that year too. 
Zach – Personally, I won a couple local titles as a LL player.

4-The French Open has started, do any tennis majors get your attention, or is this mostly a niche sport in your thoughts?
Matt – The only real tennis major I watch is Wimbledon.  It’s the Masters of tennis.  I’ll catch some of the finals but that’s about it.  I did enjoy Jimmy Connor’s run at the US Open though in the early 90s.
Wendt – I probably watch a little bit more when an American is in the fold to win.
Painter – I don't get into tennis at all but I know a lot of people that will watch the Wimbledon finals.  I do think it's a horse racing type sport where it's a niche for most of the year but casual sports fans will only pay attention a few weekends every year.
Blake – I love watching the final weekend, especially when you can wake up and watch the finals.  That's about it.
Majors – Tennis? Ummm...next. 
Zach – Wimbledon is going to catch my attention since All-England Club is going to be used twice this summer. That might be advantageous to a few players

5-The History Channel is showing a 3 part mini-series of the Hatfields & McCoys, one of the fiercest rivalries ever….what is your favorite rivalry in sports and/or game?
Matt – IOWA-PURDUE!  :)  JK!  Bears-Packers is good but free agency has hurt NFL Rivalries, and remember how good Knicks-Bulls or Pistons-Bulls were?  Cubs-Cards is always good too, though as much as I am a Cubs fan you have to respect St. Louis.  Michigan-Ohio State is the best in college football…as for my favorite I’ll go with the Iowa-Minnesota-Wisconsin triangle, it sucks the Hawks-Badgers are playing yearly right now.  Those 3 together play for 3 great trophies too, Floyd, the Ax and the Bull.
Wendt – Iowa and Wisconsin use to be fun in college football. Lakers/Celtics is always great. Bulls/Knicks was fun in the 90's. 
Painter – This is all I have to say
Blake – By the way, recording the series and excited to watch it.  Favorite rivalry is Cubs-Cards.
Majors – Iowa & Iowa St, right? I am in the middle of the Iron Bowl, Florida/Florida St as well. The South has some fierce ones, for sure. As a Raiders fan, I truly HATE the donkeys & queefs. The dolts aren't worth my hatred either, haha.
Zach – Kudos to History for putting on such a great series this week. It's silver-screen worthy. The most intense rivalry in sports has got to be Yankees-Sox

6-A popcorn movie question….Who, in your mind, is the best villain in all of movies?
Matt – For me it’s a tie.  Darth Vader is the ultimate bad ass, (spoiler alert)yes he turns good at the end of Jedi, but he is just bad….the other is the Joker, 1 psycho dude.  Hans Gruber is pretty good too.
Wendt – Hannibal Lector was a great bad guy
Painter – The Joker (The Dark Night), Caster Troy (Face/Off), Gabriel Shear (Swordfish) and Cyrus Grissom (Con Air) are my favorites. Could even put Danny Ocean on there.
Blake – Hmmm...gotta go Darth Vader.  There are a few others, Jaws from the Bond movies, The Joker, but I think Darth runs away with it.
Majors – Wow, good one. As cliche and easy as it sounds, Heath Ledger & his Joker were unbelievably bad. Wait, what about Sheriff Buford T Justice! He was a bad guy, right?
Zach – Best villain: I'll go down the Disney route and Mufasa in "Lion King."

NO 6 PACK next week - The 6er dude will be out.

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  1. Mufasa wasn't the villain in Lion King! That was Scar.