Best and Worst of the Weekend - Avengers

Haven't done one of these in a while so I figured I'd throw one of these out here.

Friday was a fun, stressful day.  I took a half day from work to go see the year's first major box office hit, The Avengers.  It was AWESOME!  I'm thinking that I will try to hit it up again before movie #3 on my list for the Summer of 2012 comes out.  After that I went to the High Life/El Bait Shop for a couple beers before going home.  Picking up the kids it all changed.  

Brayden had a rough weekend last weekend, week all this week and then Friday from the note sent home from school it all just seemed to blow up.  When I could I took him out for a drive for daddy-Bray time.  We had a nice long drive, talked a bit and then went to a park to just chill.  After that we needed some supper and went to one of his favorite places...the High Life for some cheeseburger baskets.  We then hit the new ped bridge across the river and looked on to Sec Taylor Stadium and the I-Cubs game.  830 came and it was time to go home.  He crashed pretty quick.  Friday night then I spent relaxing.

Saturday morning came and it was going to be a busy day. There was a lot going on, got fruit from the first Des Moines Farmers market.  Addy had girl scouts.  Then after lunch Addy and I went to the Duck Derby at Jordan Creek Mall while Bray and Ryleigh napped.  We had a good time there though it was hot and there were a lot of people and we didn't have any ducks in the race.  Addy got a few things, meet Miss Teen Iowa and touched a blue tongued lizard.  After that we made a run to Target and got me and the kids a new outfit and some other things.  Mine is a pair of cargo shorts and a Capt America shield tshirt.  After I got home I had the fun job of cleaning out clogged gutters and picking up dog crap and sticks.  I haven't had a chance to get to the lawn mowed due to time constraints.  Saturday night Addy had been bugging me all day to see the Supermoon so after the kids had crashed for a while I woke her up at 930 and her, Hayden and I went and walked down the street and checked out the moon.  It was ok, nothing HUGE and spectacular.  But we had fun no matter what.  Oh and I watched IRON MAN on FX.  

Sunday came early with Ryleigh waking up at 630.  The other kids were also awake too and were (as Brayden puts it) starving hungry.  Made breakfast and they were happy.  Then the wheels kind of started to wobble.  Got my Sunday viewing of Face the Nation and CBS Sunday Morning in.  Sunday afternoon Addy and I had her 5th soccer game.  We had a full team for only the 2nd time and had our best athlete back.  Surprising how much a difference his speed and athletic ability make.  It was pretty hot, and the kids listened to what I was coaching them on Tuesday.  We rolled and a couple of the kids played their best games.  This coaching isn't that bad, actually kind of fun and I find myself getting into it.  Afterwards getting home with the 2 old kids I had them pick up sticks again after another storm, and I depooped the yard and got the yard mowed....finally.  After grilling supper I went out to get Hayden in I walked off the step and hit the mud and rolled my ankle and was down on the ground.  I heard a huge pop and it killed!  Limping I made it up to the chair and its current on ice and I'm watching Celebrity Apprentice.  

Overall it was a pretty good weekend.

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