Best and Worst of the Weekend

So I haven’t done a Best and Worst of the weekend in a while again so I figure I’ll do it now since I had a bit of bests and one big worst. 

Weekend started out ok.  Friday night had supper at the new Cozy Café on the corner of SE 14th and Army Post Road.  It was the 2nd time there.  The first time it was really good so I was hoping the 2nd time would be too.  Now going in I was stuffed after Jethro’s earlier in the day so maybe that was it too, but I was disappointed. 

After that it was off to go see the Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner.  First off, how bad is it when a movie ticket is more than your supper?

The movie was ok.  This really wasn’t a reboot, but more so of an extension of the original trilogy.  It was cool how they intertwined it with the 3rd Bourne with Damon and story lines began to inter twine.  But from the other 3 it missed something and I think that was Damon.  Renner was good, but this is Damon’s franchise.  The climax seemed rushed and then the ending abrupt.  One thing I am excited about is the hope that a 5th movie may include both Damon and Renner!   So that was Friday.

Saturday started out getting up early with Ryleigh and the older kids were up and I thought, hey, it’s PERFECT out lets go to Grey’s lake and walk and/or ride bikes and get some exercise.  I go out to my car and find it was broken into.  My glove compartment and center console were all emptied out and I didn’t realize till Sunday that my work badge and coaching badge was gone, along with about a dollar in change.  Really people need to get a life and not mess with other people’s property.  My neighbors also had theirs broken into also.  Anyone up for a neighborhood watch program? 

So we went to Greys and still went around, Addy biked and Bray walked and ran, Ryleigh sat most of it.  It felt pretty good to start out that way.  Later that morning we headed off to Living History Farms.  I have a a membership to their, the zoo and Science Center and we  hadn’t hit that place yet so we went there.  It’s basically what Iowa would be like about 150 years ago.  I enjoy that kinda stuff.  It would be interesting to see what life was like back then.  The kids were excited from the start seeing live chickens in the first houses yard.  The first house was pretty cool.  If it had AC I think I could have lived there.  The other places I thought were cool were the news paper with the printing press and then also the pharmacist with all the chemicals where the guy can make anything from perfumes, medicines and axel grease.  We only got half way through there and the kids got hungry so we hit the Machine Shed for lunch.  After that when we got home it was NAP TIME!  Brayden woke up last at about 530 and after supper we ended the night with the Lorax.  It was an ok movie in my opinion, the kids probably liked it more, BUT it did have a great message at the end. 

Sunday I slept in a little till 9 then realized my badges where gone and started to contact the DM Police department and also my work.  Brayden and I drove out to work to tell them and the drive there was great.  He and I had a fun conversation about Ninjago.  Just his joy with it and how he talks about it reminds me of how I was with Ninja Turtles and Transformers.  It’s probably my favorite time I’ve had with him in a while.

Bray and I ran a few errands and got home for lunch.  Noticing he still had some energy I took the older kids to the Science Center.  We were there for about 2 hours and thought I wore them out pretty good.  The rest of the day was watching Harry Potter movies, cleaning rooms, laundry and supper from the High Life.  It was a pretty good weekend outside of the car being broke into.

Today I start my last week of work at my current position at Wells.  I’ve got a feeling it will go pretty quick and before I know it I’ll be having cold drinks on Friday at Happy Hour.

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  1. Another big difference between this new series of Bourne movies, is this series isn't based on the books by Robert Ludlum anymore, it's the author writing under Ludlum, Eric Van Ludbaster. I liked this one though, although the end was very abrupt. I agree.