Total Recall and The Bourne Legacy

Last Tuesday Night I went and saw Total Recall, the redux, on Carmike stimulus night.  It had a nice crowd and I’m not sure why all the hub-bub about the film from the critics.  I honestly think that I liked it better than the original all though it follows a lot of the same plot lines and story as the original.  I went into it with as clear of a palette as I could so I wouldn’t compare it to the original but that didn’t happen and I keep thinking “oh yea that’s how it went”.  In the original when they go to Mars and this one they stay on Earth, which I liked better.  And of course the effects were a lot better this time 20 years later.  Collin did a good job in the main role, Kate was far superb than Sharon and Jessica Beil didn’t suck either.  This one was better than the original in my opinion, don’t worry about the box office numbers, go enjoy it.


Friday night I saw The Bourne Legacy.  It’s not a reboot of the Bourne franchise that originally starred Matt Damon, but more so it is an extension of that movie.  This one stars Jeremy Renner and Ed Norton.  The movie was ok; it had some good action sequences.  If you haven’t seen it I hope I don’t spoil it for you so please quit reading now…….  It has a little Captain America type feel with messing with DNA and “super soldiers.”  That is one thing I didn’t like but the way they did it had an ok feel to it.  The ending was abrupt too.  It felt rushed, not complete like the other Bourne movies.  I did like how this movie was intertwined with the last Damon-Bourne movie, and what I excited for though is the possibility of a 5th movie including both Damon and Renner. 


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