Lasting Images - 2012 Olympics

As with all Olympic games there are usually moments that stand out that are the memories of those Games.  This time in London was the same.  For everyone it is different and this time for me I have 3 moments that stand out.

First is Usain Bolt and the men's final 100m.  Bolt became the 1st person to repeat as gold medalist in the 100 & 200M.  He's arguably the best sprinter in Olympic history.  The mens final too was also the fastest in Olympic history.   4 of them ran the fastest times in Olympic history.  

Second is Misty May & Kerry Walsh's Golden 3-peat on the beach.  They are the best volleyball team EVER.  In 3 Olympics they never lost a match and only lost 1 game.  That's dominance.

Final is Oscar Pistorius from South Africa.  He became the first ever amputee to compete in the Olympics and made it to the 400m semi's.  If you don't think you can do anything you should look at Oscar's story. 

What's your Lasting Image from the 2012 Olympics?

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