Friday 6 Pack

1. The 30th Olympics are over, what is your lasting image from the London Games?
Matt – Usain Bolt easing his way to a 100M and 200M repeat and Misty May and Kerry Walsh’s 3 peat in the sand and Oscar Pistorius.
Wendt – Michael Phelps
Painter – U.S. dominating the final medal count
BlakeI'm something of an Olympic junkie so I have a few.  Aly Raisman breaking down just before the end of her Team Gold medal clinching floor routine.  Michael Phelps rebounding after a tough start and just looking pissed off at the world that you knew the world was going to be in trouble, and the sight of Usain Bolt getting the baton behind the American's on the 4x100M relay, and taking about 3 steps to not just catch up, but leave the field in the dust.
BSox – How much of a dumbass fatboy slim looks like at the closing ceremony. Horrible. Spice girls though…AWESOME!
Majors – I enjoyed the Olympics this year. There seemed to be a lot of intensity, the coverage in social media was excellent as well, especially Twitter. WInning 2 Golds in wrestling was awesome!
Zach – My lasting image is the look on the faces of the women's gymnastics team after winning team final.

2. Now that the Olympics are over football is right around the corner, and high school games begin TONIGHT!  Open up your crystal ball, any school any class – what is one headline the state will see this year in IA HS FB?
Matt – GMG will not go 0fer.  They haven’t won a game in over 20 games or so (that’s like 2 full seasons +) but Wendt has assured me that one of the teams on the Wolverines schedule sucks worse this year.
Wendt – Class A football will be extremely watered down this fall (lots of teams dropping to 8man) Class 4A will dominate the headlines because it always does
Painter – I don't care much about high school football unless I'm helping out Mr Wendt.
BlakeThat it will take me the entire year to fully remember there is no more CIML
BSox – I really don’t know. I haven’t paid much attention to high school games since my brother played at north polk. However, I live in Johnston now, and I’ve always wanted to head over for a game…maybe this is the year!
Majors – Ummm, no clue. So I will go with Boone & Ogden! Go Toreadors!!!
Zach – The fact that Valley vs. Dowling late in the season adds a new element of drama.

3. College football starts in 2 weeks.  Next week we’ll get to Big Ten/Big XII/ BCS predictions.  This week – Who is your Heisman pick?
Matt – Last year I picked Landry Jones and was off.  This year I’m going to go with Matt Barkley at USC. 
Wendt – Montee Ball-Wisconsin
Painter – Sadly I have to say Denard Robinson
BlakeWell, Honey Badger is out.  I'll take Matt Barkley
BSox – Probably what’s his name from USC. Will he get it is debatable, but he has to be the front runner right?
Majors – Well it won't be the Honey Badger. I think Montee Ball has a good shot, especially if he puts up numbers like he did last year. But the B1G bias will always come out, so the voters will forget about him
Zach – I'll take a layup here and go with Matt Barkley at So Cal.

4. The Iowa Speedway had its second Nationwide race a couple weeks ago.  Rusty Wallace on KXNO was talking more and more that Iowa is a great spot for a NASCAR race and maybe in the next 5 years.  Would this be the biggest sports stage to hit central Iowa? 
Matt – I think the only thing that could top it would be the NCAA 1st & 2nd round games if they come to the Well, though the NCAA Wrestling Championships I think will be HUGE here in March.  Those might be the only 2 things.  But no question about it a Sprint Cup race would be AMAZING here.
Wendt – I'd be shocked if Newton ever holds a Sprint Cup race but if they do, more power to em
Painter – While a Sprint Cup race would be huge for Iowa it may not be the biggest sports stage, although it would generate the most interest within any given fan base
Blake – I'm not sure it's ahead of the NCAA Women's basketball tournament or the wrestling tournament, or even the US Senior Open.  But hey, it's good for sports in Iowa to be shown on National TV as much as possible.
BSox – Part of me says yes, but part of me says no. this is still a college football/basketball state. While Jack Trice or Kinnick doesn’t always hold as many as the speedway, the speed way doesn’t have people fighting for a tv to watch an Iowa/Iowa St game every single weekend. Speedway can’t say the same. Speedway has big crowds, not near as many people following at home.
Majors – I think it is pretty cool that there is so much racing up there. You have Knoxville, Boone, plus others I don't know about I'm sure
Zach – Football, both high school and college, will always take the big stage. NASCAR will provide to set up the big "audition" for Des Moines to host other major events and not just NCAA based events.

5. The Expendables 2 opens up this week.  Which of these stars is your favorite and which one is truly Expendable and needs to hang it up?
Matt – Bruce Willis as John McClane is a bad ass!  I think it’s time for Arnold to hang it up, he shouldn’t be coming back, he old.
Wendt – Jason Statham is actually pretty solid, and I always enjoy Chuck Norris. Stallone needs to go away
Painter – Tough question.  I've liked Stallone and Willis but I also think their times have passed.
BlakeI just borrowed a buddies copy of the first Expendables since I hadn't seen it yet.  Let me just say this, I love the old school action stars, but Hollywood hasn't developed any new ones worth a damn for about 30 years.
BSox – I don’t think any of them need to. This is such a throwback to 80s action movies that it makes me warm and fuzzy. I want 47 more movies like this.
Majors – Hmmm, Sly is getting up there, along with Mr. Van Damme. I have always liked Jet Li
Zach – While they all probably need to hang it up, Willis is my favorite. "Die Hard" will always live easy with me.

6.  A 24 hour wedding chapel opened in a Las Vegas Denny’s.  What’s the menu item you are saying “I DO” to after getting hitched?
Matt – You gotta go with the Grand Slam breakfast since later after the I DO’s  and flapjacks you going to most likely hit a home run at the hotel.
Wendt – French Toast Slam (mmmmmm mmmm good)
Painter – A Grand Slam of course
BlakeI'd say chilli cheese dogs with a side of baked beans.  Gotta break her into a new reality quickly.  
BSox – Corn beefed hash…by the gallons.
Majors – A beer...or shot. My last marriage ended in a ball of flames, hopefully I will have better luck next time, haha!!!
Zach – Champagne. And maybe a waffle.

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