Insight-ful victory!

So a few days late but I finally get a lil break.  And Wow that felt great!  A great way to end the season that had so much hype and give some excitement for 2011 and actually made it for me that Sept 3rd can’t come soon enough (only 246 days away!).   The losses to NW and Ohio State didn’t really shock me this November.  But the loss to Minnesota was the worst taste and way to end the season that had us ranked in the top 10, then came the whole month of December up to the bowl game and all that crap that ensued on Twitter and in the media, radio with Rob Howe and Matt Perault and ARob & DJK, the whole world thought that the Missouri Tigers would come down on the Hawks and destroy us.  Have faith in Captain Kirk!  He’s the right fit for Iowa. 

Proof that the overturned call is NOT A CATCH!

Coker looks like the real deal and I hope he can just stay healthy and out of trouble.  VandenBurg I hope is ready to take the reins.  He has big shoes to fill.  Really hope McNutt and Sash and Prater stay, they would benefit and I think so would the Hawks.

And now to the 25 seniors, thank you for everything!  You’ve given me (and hawk fans) a great stretch.  2007 was rough, but 2008-2010 was great!  28 wins to 11 losses, 3 Bowl wins.  An Orange Bowl win!  And a lot of memories.

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  1. I hope the underclassmen realize there there may not be a 2011 NFL season. It would be a shame for them to declare for the draft and then get locked out and not be able to play when the could have.