Best and Worst of the Weekend, a fresh coat.

BEST – Well most of the weekend was really good.  Friday afternoon we had a team bowling event, got 2 drink tickets and I was able to get another ticket and a beer purchased for me.  Afterwards I went to a bar with some co-workers and had some beverages.  Later that night my mom was in town and watched the kids so Shawnna and I went out to Dos Rios.  Had some more cervasas there, along with steak asada tacos and homemade guacamole.  Great time. 

Saturday was spent painting and redoing the stairs.  The stairway downstairs we repainted yellow and white to clean it up. The stairs got a fresh coat too, and then we took up the old blue runner and stair rods and put down a nice new runner and rods.  I added a piece of black trim at the bottom.  Upstairs we repainted the living room and dining room and ceiling.  We have two walls that are now a redish/rust color and then the others are a grey color.  That was most of Saturday and Sunday.  My mom stayed with us all weekend to help, and I’m grateful for that.  We had Scornavaccas pizza Saturday night.  Bray and I went to pick it up and sat at the bar and had a drink.  He had a Shirley Temple and me a Miller Light.  He told me that he wanted to do that more, just me and him going out.  Hopefully soon we will too.  Sunday the kids had play dates at Monkey Joes and came back wiped out but on a second wind.  I need their energy.  Sunday night ended with me helping out my buddy Jason move a couple fridges and then cleaning up paint drops and sitting with Ryleigh and watching The Donald and the Celebrity Apprentice.

WORST – Worst I’m going to go with me.  Lack of sleep got me really frustrated Saturday afternoon with the kids.  And the weather and the painting and stairs kept us inside.  I know I’ve mentioned it before and how in the world did my parents deal with me?  My son is just like me, I must have drove them nuts!  This maybe isn’t a worst but the lawn is growing a bit, but I REFUSE to mow when its colder than 55 degrees.  Sorry, not gonna do it.

Another worst or something I’m upset about.  Do you ever feel that you lose out on relationships with people for no reason?  They just drift away.  I feel this way in a couple of close ones I have right now.  First is like a feeling of being replaced.  And why?  Because I’m not supportive of that life style, should I say “hey, you need to grow up” or something like that?  I think that there will be regret later in life with some decisions but it’s not my life.  Second is like a mystery to me.  People I think get to busy and try to please EVERYONE and forget about friends.  Like I said I don’t know if that is a worst but something that is really bothering me right now.

Sports nuggets…I only watched about 2 hours or so of tv this weekend, but saw some highlights.

Ouch, the 2 Memphis Redbirds who collided at Principal Park hurt me watching it, their heads rattled off each other.  Said on the news last night that one of them had facial fractures and had to have surgery.

Cubs, haven’t watched them yet this year, it just doesn’t feel like baseball yet.

Harrison Barnes is coming back to UNC, thank you!  College Basketball needs more of this, and I hope the UNC big 3 come back next year too.  I tweeted this earlier after the UConn Huskies won the championship, but I’m picking UNC to win the NCAA Championship.  The Final Four is in New Orleans, and NOLA and UNC Basketball have a magic feeling together.

NASCAR had a heck of a finish.  About 5 cars all clumped up together at the finish line.  It was like the ending of the first race in Cars with King, Chick and Lightning all tying.  Jimmie Johnson won by a hair with the help of Dale Jr.

Big XII got a new tv deal that will help get all their conference football games on tv, at least on FSN.  BUT what Cyclone fans and Big XII fans don’t know is that the deal isn’t for games on the national FOX channel.  Your only on a cable sports package that is regional.  Big Ten is still NATIONAL and has the best deal on ABC/ESPN.  I think that in a few years when the Big Ten’s deal with ABC/ESPN is up you will see FOX pay big money and the Big Ten will have 2-3 national games on Fox every weekend.  Fox has the Big Ten championship game, they want in the college football scene, they’ll throw money at the best conference in the nation.

NBA playoffs, who cares till the conference finals.

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