Best and Worst of the Weekend – A tradition like any other…..

Best – Saturday afternoon, evening and all day Sunday.  Friday was like a blur when I got home.  Saturday afternoon the kids and I got out and played more wiffle ball, got in the sun and the breeze and it was great.  Grilled pork chops and had beans and hasbrowns and ice cream, even a walk and it was GREAT!  Sat down and watched Little Fockers with Shawnna, a nice relaxing night.  Sunday was more of the same.  I did nothing!  Loved it.  Well other than dishes and make breakfast and lunch.  I relaxed.  I sat down and watched the last round of the Masters, something I remember doing with my dad and enjoyed every second of it.  When Tiger was charging I even called Dad to see if he was watching.  Shawnna even sat down and watched some with me, calling Rory McIlroy (a pimply faced kid).  Even made some fresh egg salad sandwiches for lunch.  Congrats to the kid who won the Masters, we won’t be seeing you again.   She was awesome too on Sunday, she did a boat load of laundry all day long, and really appreciated it!  The kids and I played outside (till we almost got blown away) and inside and it was nice.  I wish I could have started the weekend over with Sunday instead of having Saturday morning. 

Worst – Well the worst was me.  Saturday I was tired, stressed out from work and just hearing crying and whining and I didn’t handle it well…I feel bad that I kind of ruined the morning atleast by blowing up when I should have just stepped away.  Luckily the afternoon was a different story and I napped and it wasn’t so bad.  If anyone heard Mt. Matt explode, I’m sorry…One thing I know I need to work at.  

Little Fockers – well it seemed like the worked too hard to get this one.  The first one seemed to just flow so great and was funny all around.  The 2nd I thought you could feel that they were trying a little bit too much, this one, really didn’t need to be made.  They should have stayed with 2 Fockers instead of 3.

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