Best and Worst of the Weekend

BEST – We finally got outside and played in the yard and busted out Brayden’s wiffle ball and t set.  He did pretty good, and so did Addy.  Then I unleashed some warning track power on the balls too.  Those big bats are pretty fun to swing around.  All was great till Addy lined a shot off her brother’s head.  He got right back up.  The weather for the most part was great, and I got to break out the shorts.  Hell it was 87 on Sunday.  My stop at the grocery store included brats, shrimp and Old Style…a nice ole middle finger to Old Man Winter!  The old style was pretty tasty.  I also went to work out Saturday and ran again, and I can definitely feel it on my ass and legs.

WORST – Needing a break!  Damn I know I take a lot on my shoulders and know I can usually handle it.  Lately things have been mounting and maybe getting outside more and running will help.  I know crushing some softballs will help and also kids listening would always help more too!

This weekend took the kids to go see HOP.  The Easter bunny movie.  It was cute for a kid move, Addy loved it, Brady I think got tired a little bit after half way through as we had to walk about half way through as we had to walk out of the theater.  But as for the movie.  I didn’t realize Russell Brand was E.B., he is hella annoying to me, but as a fluffy rabbit, his voice is ok.  Kelly Cucao (Big Bang Theory) did really well in her role, but James Mardsen, what happened?  His roles seems to be changing after he was cast as Cyclops in the first X-Men movie.  He should have complained more and had his Cyclops role expanded as much as Wolverine.  Both are great XMen characters but Cyclops seemed to be minimized and then his roles have not been the same, IMO.  And since when does the Easter Bunny have a sleigh and ride around like Santa?  That is another thing I didn’t like.  The kids will like the movie, but I give it about 2 stars out of 5. 

NCAA Championship Game
For the second year in a row the Butler Bulldogs are in the championship game, this time vs the UConn Huskies.  Jim Calhoun is going for his third title as the top dog in Storrs.  Butler has taken the reigns from Gonzaga as the best mid-major program and it’s not even close anymore.  Connecticut is on a run like no other.  5 straight wins in the Big East tournament verse ranked teams to win the Big East Crown, now 5 wins in the NCAA tournament. 

I’m picking (and cheering) for Butler to win, but I think if I was a betting man I would put money on UConn.  If UConn wins I think that Calhoun walks into the sunset and retires.  But here’s to a good game and go Butler.

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