What sports year would you go back and relive?

Sitting around the past few days watching highlights of the 1986 and 1975 Masters with Jack Nicklaus I was wondering, if I could go back in anytime to watch a year’s worth of sporting events, what year would I choose?  There are a lot of good years or seasons.  2002 Iowa football may be my favorite all time.  The 90s with the Bulls runs and the clash of Dallas-San Francisco in the NFL.  Go back to watch Kid Griffey in the mid 90s tearing it up?  I know my dad would go back to 1961 being a Yankee fan with Mantle and Maris.  Then I came up with mine.


The year the Hawks were #1 in football.  Beat #2 Michigan 12-10.  Chuck Long’s bootleg vs Michigan State.  That whole season would be great to relive.  I was only 7 when it happened, and would like to have experienced it more.  I remember those last moments of the Michigan game.  My dad was in between the tv and the radio with Zabel and Podolak, he couldn’t watch or hear.  After that kick went up and through the uprights, my house went nuts.  It was dark out afterwards but my brother and I so pumped turned on the lights in the back yard and went out and played catch. 

It was also the year the Bears went 15-1 and won Super Bowl 20.  Oddly enough, what I remember most about that year was waking up the Tuesday morning after the Dolphins game and asking my brother and dad if the Bears won.  They didn’t and I was crushed they lost.  Also I remember the Fridge.  He was the next BIG thing.  The touchdown runs and blocking for Walter at the goal line.  Watching the 2 playoff games with my cousins and then the Super Bowl.  Loved every moment of it!

Wish we could go back in time, but I know that we can’t, and I wish that I was older to appreciate what happened then, but I have the memories that I have and thinking back I get a smile out of them.  

What year are you going back to?

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