NBA Playoffs

So the NBA regular season is done, and the 3 month odyssey that David Stern calls the playoffs is now starting. 

For the first time post Jordan, the Bulls are the #1 seed in the East.  The Heat Trio are #2 and Boston #3.  I’m sure that Stern will try to rig it to get Miami to the finals.  In the West the Spurs are the top team and the NBA will try with all their might to keep them down.  They are a great team though.  I think this is Tim Duncan’s last run.

Early before the year I picked Lakers over Heat, and I think I’m going to change that now.  Here’s my playoff picks.

WEST                                                                                            EAST
Spurs over Grizzlies                                                                 Bulls over Pacers
Thunder over Nuggets                                                             Magic over Hawks
                 Mavericks over Trailblazers                                                      Celtics over Knicks                     
Lakers over Hornets                                                                 Heat over 76ers

Spurs over Thunder                                                                Celtics over Heat
Lakers over Hornets                                                                 Bulls over Magic

Spurs over Lakers                                                                     Bulls over Celtics

Spurs over Bulls in 7
Tim Duncan MVP

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