Best and Worst of the Weekend

Best – Well most of the whole weekend.  Saturday the older kids and I did a tour of the city with our “Pirate Gold” and went and did a lot. 

We hit the Zoo, the Sculpture Garden, the Capital, the Botanical Center and then the new Ped Bridge by Wells Fargo arena.  We got some coins at the zoo and I called it our Pirate Gold to play a game with them and too keep Brayden interested and focused when he got a little crazy.  But we had a great time.

So we started out at the zoo, and wow are they changing some things up there.  The little walking area they had with the peacocks is all getting redone to an Australian Outback deal, and then the sea lions aquarium is a big mud pit, and it should look really good when it’s all done.  Will it be Omaha?  No…but it should be nice.  The kids and I went and hit up all the animals.  The kids favorite was the monkeys…I liked the otters but boy they stunk. Cool to see the giraffes out.

Then we started to trek downtown.  We drove around the sculpture park and Addyson noticed the new sculpture, so we got out and looked for some places to hide  our pirate gold.  The new sculpture looked pretty cool, and I still think the Letter Sculpture is pretty cool.  The kids just ran and that was cool too.

Next up we wanted to go get some cannons for our Pirate Gold, so we stopped up at the Capital.  It’s pretty cool what they’ve done all around up there.  It’s really person friendly to walk up too.  We stopped by the statue of Lincoln and Tad, and I asked Addy, who is that, her response “Is it God and Jesus?”  Kind of appropriate response for the weekend.  After that it was up to the cannons, or shooters and Brayden called them.  He loved them.  Addy wasn’t as impressed but we walked around and saw most of them.  There are still some monuments there we can go see.

Then we headed off to the botanical center.  They have a scavenger hunt for kids that you can do when you are there, and I told the kids when we completed it, it would lead us to the perfect spot to hide our pirate gold.  Addy and Bray looked all over and completed the tasks and enjoyed the trip this time more than the last time we were there. 

Finally we parked by the Chinese Culture Center and the ped bridge over the river.  I told the kids it was a Chinese Pirate ship and they wanted to go explore it.  We got there and I told the kids there were Pirate ghosts there that we had to keep away from our gold.  We got our trip there cut short due to potty breaks and ended up going home after our Pirate Car got blown up.  So it was a fun Saturday with the kids so we might have to recreate this some weekend.

Easter then was great!  The morning we did the egg hunt and kids mowed down too much candy.  Shawnna made a great lunch.  Ham, mashed potatoes with ham gravy, green bean casserole, cherry pie too.  Mom brought wedding potatoes, Sue brought cake and a relish tray.  The meal was great.  Then we had the kids do the Just Dance for kids on the Wii and they showed off their moves.  Then the real fun happened.  Wii Bowling!  Dad got into it.  He and Brendan were trash talking.  Brendan was rolling and then when dad got the hang of it, he was whipping up on people.  Dad had the belt, and then Shawnna beat him by a few pins.  Then Brendan wanted one more shot, Shawnna beat him by 90 pins.

Ended the weekend with Celebrity Apprentice.

WORST – So on Thursday I apparently misplaced or lost Shawnna’s wedding ring and tore apart the bed room and can’t find it, and it sucks.  One she wants it so she can wear it again since she couldn’t when she was pregnant, and it was the ring she wore when we got married so she feels bad that she doesn’t have it.  I’m going to tear the kids rooms apart tonight to try to find it.  Also LAUNDRY sucks.

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