Best and Worst of the Weekend – Comeback

Well this weekend had its ups and downs, similar to the whole week.  My sister, her husband and 4 kids were in Iowa home from Memphis at my parent’s house.  First time I’ve seen them in 1.5 years.  Good to see them.  The nephews and nieces are growing up quick, similar to my kids.  They played most the night there and only really sat down around the fire when the s ‘mores were being made.  Brayden had so much fun, and he usually does at Grandma and Grandpa’s that he didn’t want to go home, which made for a struggle to get him into his car seat.  Finally got him in and all the 2 other kid and they were out cold before we hit 330 to Des Moines. 

Saturday Brayden had his first flag football practice.  It took him a bit to warm up and get going but once they got done stretching and a ball out he was into it.  They did passing and catching (why not holding a ball and cones to run through I’m not sure) but he did ok with it.  Caught a few with his hands in the triangle…then with his body and once with his face.  After that he got a little timid and started doing the arms swatting and leg up, that didn’t really work.  Throwing back he was decent.  He cocked it back by his ear and let it rip.  A couple were wounded ducks but had more really nice tosses than ducks. 

The final thing they did on the 60 yard field was they threw all the balls and had the kids go cover up and run them back holding the ball the right way.  Brayden being 3 and the youngest and shortest there isn’t the fastest.  So after a dozen bombs, they started throwing about 30 yards, told Brayden to turn around and he saw them short and went and jumped on the ball and covered it up and ran it back.  The next time showed how smart Bray is.  All the kids ran deep; Bray ran to the 30 yard cone, did a button hook and had a ball dang near bounce up to his gut, covered it and ran it back.  Needless to say he had a good time, and tired him out; he had a 3.5 hour nap Saturday.

Sunday Addy had a birthday party to go to and then a friend came back home with her for an hour or so to play.  They also got to the mall and played for about an hour before the party.

Ryleigh had a rough stretch.  She’s teething, which sucks in itself, but is also feeling the after affects with the worst diaper rash any of the 3 kids have had.  After 5 days of TLC she’s almost back to normal butt wise.  Still horse from crying from it and getting better.  The afternoons and evenings haven’t been the best with her fighting to go to sleep too.  But sat her down with some Sunday night football and she was out.

Also this weekend was the Hawks comeback against Pitt.  For 3 quarters we looked bad.  Really bad.  Then Kirk went away from what Iowa is known for.  He unshackled the offense ala 2004, stopped running first into an 8 man box and stopped the play action and just slung it and the result was the biggest comeback in Iowa history!  And instant classic, well at least the 4th quarter.  Hopefully the next game he’ll do the same. 

Sunday the Bears got killed.  Nuff said there.  Sunday night behind Matty Ice and Jeremy Maclin my fantasy team came back and beat the best team/defending champion in the league.  

So it was a weekend of comebacks.  Like I said last week had up and more downs so hopefully this week is a comeback too!

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