2011 NFL Predictions

Well the lockout is over, and its time to throw my picks up on here again.  Last year I had the Packers in the Super Bowl, losing to the Colts....got 1/2 of the Big Game right.  Let's see if this year I can get them both.

AFC East - New England Patriots
AFC North - Pittsburgh Steelers
AFC South - Houston Texans
AFC West - San Diego Chargers
AFC WC - New York Jets
AFC WC - Baltimore Ravens

NFC East - Philadelphia Eagles
NFC North - Green Bay Packers
NFC South - New Orleans Saints
NFC West - St. Louis Rams
NFC WC - Atlanta Falcons
NFC WC - Detroit Lions

AFC Championship
New York Jets over New England Patriots

NFC Championship
Green Bay Packers over Philadelphia Eagles

New York Jets over Green Bay Packers

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