Best and Worst of the Weekend - Steele Stole it!

Well the weekend wasn't what I expected going into it Friday Night.  This weekend at work I had a program upgrade going through for what I'm the admin of.  Friday monring on a call there was mention of a chance of being here till 1-3am.  My jaw dropped.  I hadn't packed an over night bag.  Luckily things went well and I only was here till 815pm.  Got outta here and home in time to watch some of Missouri-Arizona State.
Saturday I had to be back at work.  It was also the annual Iowa-Iowa State football game.  No I didn't plan the date it was going in.  I would have rather it been a week earlier.  But I get into work and saw my comptuer screen....gotta love technology.  My computer crashed.  Thankfully I had a second machine and was able to get in and do my testing, until it crashed!  All while the Hawks and Clones are kicking off (more on that later).  But really, I have 2 machines and they both go down?  Currently I'm waiting on a ticket for both to get fixed.
On to the game.  Not gonna recap it all, you can check out the boxscore/recap for that, but got home, had lunch watching the game and then headed to a party for the end of it.  The Hawks just looked flat, and why it happens at ISU and not when the game is at Kinnick I don't know.  The Hawks continued to run the ball into 8 man fronts.  Check down and hit the TE or something.  And where was James Morris?  I don't think I heard his name all day.  McNutt was quiet too, but was recieving a lot of attention.  The Hawks couldn't get enough pressure on Jantz and he made the plays when he needed too.  Why Iowa State won.  They won and they deserve the credit.
For Hawk fans calling for change or Ferentz's head.  Calm down.  It's one game.  He's not going to change, its worked for him for 13 years now?  You should be used to it.  If you need to understand why he doesn't change, check out this hardware!  Relax.  Move on to Pitt.
Saturday evening Addy had a picnic/movie night for her school at a park.  It was pretty fun.  Got to talk to some people, the kids ran and ran.  Finally watched Tangled on a big 30 foot screen.  Funny movie, another winner for the Mouse.
Saturday Night when we got home I watched the end of Michigan-Notre Dame.  Thanks Irish and Wolverines for saving the best for last.  Damn that was an amazing game! 
Sunday was filled with Laundry, the BEARS destorying the falcons, and more laundry.  Yes the Bears suprised me a bit here.  I didn't think we had a chance but they did well.  The D was ferocious.
Ryleigh is now crawling really good, she's got her groove on with it and is rolling.  Kinda cool to see but yet, the past 6 months have flown by! 
This week starts a full fledged no time week.  The kids have things going on most every day of the week.  Addy has Cheernastics, Capoeria, Swim, Girl Scouts.  Ryleigh has swim and Brayden has Football this saturday!  He's pretty pumped and I just hope he realizes its flag football and doesn't go Bob Sanders on a kid. 
Finally this coming week my sister and her family are coming up from Memphis.  Haven't seen them in a year or so, so that will be fun! 

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