Big Ten Awards - Week 4

Well I said in the predictions, watch out for North Dakota State and North Texas vs Minnesota and Indiana respectively.  What happened....Minnesota suffered its 3rd loss to a Dakota team since 2007.  Indiana went to the Mean Green's new stadium and former Iowa State coach Dan MacCarney came away with a win.

Team of the Week : NEBRASKA : I would have said Wisconsin but they played a FCS school.  The Huskers went to Wyoming, 3-0 from the Mountain West and racked up nearly 500 yards of offense and controlled the game throughout.  The Huskers play their first Big Ten game next week when the go to Camp Randall and take in a top 10 showdown with Wisconsin.

Helmet Sticker : This will be a little deja vu from last week but here we go - Denard Robinson - QB - Michigan.  Yes he had a couple picks but Denard ran for 200 yards with 3 touchdowns, one being a bullet out of a gun run for 53 yards.  He won't be able to have passing performances like that in the Big Ten and win but he sure can run the ball.

Russell Wilson - QB - Wisconsin : Ok, how did he get out of NC State and to Madison?  Wilson tossed the ball for 345 yards and 3 scores.  The Badger QB is in the top 5 in passer efficiency in the nation and is on his way to All-American/All-Big Ten and Heisman status if he keeps this up.  A BIG test next week vs the Blackshirts.

James Vandenberg - QB - Iowa : If not for Wilson Vandenberg is having right now what could be an All-Big Ten year.  After 399 yard performance last week, JVB threw for 270 and 3 scores (2 to Marvin McNutt) and also ran for a score in Iowa's romp over Louisiana-Monroe.  The Iowa coaches may have seen something in their signal caller and are letting him sling it a bit more than we are accustomed to seeing.

Game of the Week : Illinois 23 - Western Michigan 20 : The Illini are off to their best start in more than 50 years after a struggle with the Broncos.  Being ranked for the first time since 2008 and the Big Ten season on the horizon the fighting Zookers might have been looking past Western Michigan a bit, but in the end were able to wear down the Broncos and rack up nearly 300 yards rushing.  Illinois next hosts Northwestern in Big Ten Play.

Highlight of the Week - Denard Robinson 53 yard touchdown run vs San Diego State
-The run is at the 20 second mark

Big Ten Take Away - I'd rather not dwell on the negative but on a weekend were there wasn't much competition (other than in Champaign) Minnesota and Indiana in their coaches first years are struggling.  They lost to teams they should have beat today in North Texas and North Dakota State.  I don't see them going winless in the Big Ten, but they will struggle this year and maybe next, but the fans should get behind Kevin Wilson and Jerry Kill.  Rome wasn't built in a day, neither are college football programs.

National Take Away - Robert Griffin III and Baylor are good.  This isn't your father's or grandfather's Baylor Bears.  RG3 has more TD's in 3 games than incompletions.  This has been against TCU, Stephen F Austin and Rice.  TCU is good but the others are world beaters.  Next week they go to Kansas State where the Bears should move to 4-0 and RG3 will continue to put up impressive numbers again.  If you get a chance to watch him, the dude is good!

Jimmy John Big Ten Challenge

Week – Matt (8-2)          Chad (8-2)          Kyle (8-2)
Season – Matt (35-11)          Chad (35-11)          Kyle (34-12)

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