Big Ten Football - Week 1 Predictions

The Big Ten Slate is pretty much chalk this week, as you would expect in week 1.  2 teams have ventured out to play quality opponents, Minnesota will travel to Los Angeles to take a whooping and receive a check from USC and then there is the Game of the Week. 

Northwestern travels east to take on Boston College.  The Fighting Fitzgerald’s and Dan Persa should put up a really good fight here and I expect the game to be close.  If Persa is back 100% from the injury they’ll fight to the end.  My prediction though is Boston College pulls it out in the end at home.
Boston College – 27 : Northwestern – 23

Last year my buddy Chad and I had a Jimmy John’s Big Ten Challenge on picking conference games only…Chad won by +3.  This year we are going to do the same but on the whole season along with Kyle.  If we differ on our picks I’ll have them split with a “/” and put (m) or (c) or (k)  and then a weekly running total.

UNLV @ Wisconsin – Wisconsin
Youngstown State @ Michigan State – Michigan State
Northwestern @ Boston College – Boston College (M) (K) / Northwestern (C)
Akron @ Ohio State – Ohio State
Indiana State @ Penn State – Penn State
Tennessee Tech @ Iowa – IOWA
Middle Tennessee @ Purdue – Purdue
Minnesota @ USC – USC
Western Michigan @ Michigan – Michigan
Chattanooga @ Nebraska – Nebraska
Arkansas State @ Illinois – Illinois
Ball State vs Indiana at Lucas Oil Stadium – Indiana

Matt (0-0)
Chad (0-0)
Kyle (0-0)
National Game of the Week

LSU looked like a BIG TIME contender for the 2011 Championship (I had them picked originally to play for the title) but now with suspensions of Jordan Jefferson there are a bunch of questions in the Bayou.  Oregon isn’t without its issues either.  Recruiting scandals have haunted the Ducks and Chip Kelly this summer too.  But both schools open up in the preseason top 5 and visit in Dallas at the JerryDome in a made for TV matchup. 

Oregon should still be able to produce some big points with LaMichael James and their offense…LSU with the suspensions still has a heck of a defense.  I think with that Oregon will somehow figure out to score some more points with the suspensions and wins CLOSE.  OREGON 24 – LSU 21

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